Pressinformation October 2005


OFFECCT in hotel project with Claesson Koivisto Rune in Tokyo

For the fourth consecutive year, OFFECCT is taking part in Swedish Style in Tokyo. This year OFFECCT is presenting an exclusive preview of an imminent hotel project in Tokyo, in association with firm of architects Claesson Koivisto Rune and Japan’s Re-plus (division howff). The exhibition is called Hotel Kaiyo Conversion Project. The collaboration is one example of several successful business ventures between Swedish design and the Japanese private sector. OFFECCT’s success in Japan is continuing and sales are increasing.

Being part of Swedish Style in Tokyo has become something of a tradition for OFFECCT: “There’s great interest in Swedish design and architecture in Japan at the moment,” says OFFECCT’s Managing Director Kurt Tingdal. “We’ve noticed that awareness of Swedish design has grown every year since we began our focus on the Japanese market. OFFECCT has continued to invest successfully in Asia in 2005, one result being that we now enjoy an interesting co-operation with one of Japan’s leading design resellers, Bals Co. I think that the heightened awareness is partly due to our presence and to the long-term effort that several Swedish design companies have made over the past few years.”

Intensive sales work takes place in tandem with the design exhibitions and fairs in Japan during November. OFFECCT has a packed schedule of business appointments from the day it arrives in Japan. This is the result of preparatory work by OFFECCT’s own representatives in the country and the ‘Harvest Project’ initiated by Caroline Heiroth, as well as co-operation with the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo and the Swedish Trade Council.

“It’s clear that the targeted efforts of Swedish design producers, the Swedish Trade Council and the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo have raised the level of knowledge about Sweden and Swedish design in Japan. This is a very pleasing development,” says Eero Koivisto, Art Director and designer for OFFECCT.

The exhibition runs 2-6 November in a gallery where a hotel abstract has been built, including lobby, reception, bar, restaurant, hotel room and bathroom environments – all in the colour of blue as a tribute to life. Blue is the colour that surrounds us most and which symbolises life and harmony in Japan. Opening hours: 12:00-19:00. Venue: P-HOUSE supported by howff, c-MA3 residence B2, 3-1-35, Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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