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CELL – pithy design in new organic material
Design: Eero Koivisto

OFFECCT’s new CELL table is made from a unique technical plastic. The material is made up of small cells – which have given the table its name – and makes for a fascinating structure. Designer Eero Koivisto has given CELL a simple, august design which combines with the material to convey an organic, high-tech impression.

OFFECCT is always on the lookout for new influences and materials. Eero Koivisto was the designer given free rein by OFFECCT to design a piece of furniture in the new plastic.

- It was a very different project because the material came first and governed the design, rather than the other way round which is the standard approach. The challenge lay in producing a suitable design based on the properties peculiar to the material, Eero Koivisto

The result was the CELL table, a cubist table that offers excellent storage potential thanks to its shape and lower shelf. The technical material lends the table an original structure and an organic feel.

WOOB produces new working methods and releases creativity
Design: Eero Koivisto

WOOB is more than just a piece of furniture. WOOB creates new ways of working and meeting. Crossing and joining completely different pieces of furniture into a single entity creates not only a different piece of furniture, but also a brand new typology. WOOB is a lounge chair with an integrated ‘table’, whose design makes it possible to combine work, meetings and relaxation in new ways.

Our workplaces are no longer just office desks and chairs. Wireless networks, laptop computers and flexible working hours are opening up a host of new workplaces. We are increasingly mobile and work wherever we are, be it in a hotel lounge, the library, at home in bed or in front of the TV.

The aim of WOOB was to create a piece of furniture that makes working easier and more enjoyable, while facilitating natural breaks and moments of rest. When we relax, our thoughts and creativity are
liberated. That’s why WOOB is fundamentally a lounge chair with a round plate that acts as a footrest in recline mode. However, it is also designed for working and meeting, when the round plate acts as
an integrated table for your laptop, sketch pad or newspaper. A chair can also be pulled up to the ‘table’, ensuring scope for spontaneous meetings.

OFFECCT’s design department is constantly striving to develop pioneering new furniture that inspires better meeting-places and home environments.
- I’ve always been interested in integrating different things and seeing what happens. The combination often leads to something new and interesting, and that’s how WOOB was born. The mixture of a lounge chair and a table resulted in a piece of furniture with functions that
make it possible to discover new ways of working, explains designer Eero Koivisto.

VERTIGO – creates infinite space

Design: Eero Koivisto

The VERTIGO table carries a secret beneath its surface. The name VERTIGO means dizziness, often caused by a fear of heights. Anyone looking down at the table’s glass surface (made from ‘spy glass’) will notice a hidden function: an additional pane of mirror glass in the lower shelf, which creates an optical illusion, a feeling of bottomless depth.

The idea for the special table was born one day when Eero Koivisto was standing in a lift. When he looked in the mirrors inside the lift, Eero discovered the multi-dimensional effect created by two facing

- It was a remarkable feeling, and I thought it would be fun to try to integrate the phenomenon into a piece of furniture to create a sense of space and infinity, Eero Koivisto explains.

The VERTIGO table combines an austere design with storage space. The lower shelf has room for books and magazines, but can also be used as an innovative frame for much-loved items. Placing an
object on the mirror causes it to expand into infinite reflections.

- At OFFECCT we felt we needed a different kind of coffee table as there is very little innovation in this area. We saw a lot of potential to develop the area with Eero, and producing the VERTIGO table seemed an obvious choice, says Kurt Tingdal, CEO of OFFECCT.
Subtle furniture with unique details that are not visible at first sight is something of a hallmark for Eero. The new VERTIGO table is just such a design.

– three new gravity-defying sofa systems
Design: Eero Koivisto

OFFECCT presents three new sofa systems – FLOAT, ROLL and SLIDE – all characterised by comfort, flexibility, spaciousness and mobility. FLOAT has a floating construction with a design inspired by the
Star Wars films. ROLL is a surprisingly mobile piece of furniture. SLIDE is easy to find a place for with its sloping ends and light runners.

Eero Koivisto was asked to design a series of sofas with all the qualities he himself would look for in a sofa. The result was three different sofa systems: FLOAT, ROLL and SLIDE. Comfortable, easily manoeuvred, spacious, urban and adaptable. All consist of modules that can be combined to form different seating systems to suit the
individual or the optimum design of the room.

- One of my ideas is that different pieces of furniture should be able to ‘communicate’ with each other, whatever their design. These new sofas are subtle in appearance to harmonise with other pieces of furniture regardless of style, says designer Eero Koivisto.

FLOAT is a generous sofa that appears to be floating. This is due to an unusual detail that is barely noticeable due to the low underframe. The sofa rests on a mirror plinth which reflects the floor surface, thereby creating the illusion of floating. This gives FLOAT an airy impression despite its stringent, cubist shape. Eero came up with the
idea for FLOAT when he saw the Sandspeeder in a Star Wars movie, and found out how the film-makers had used mirrors to give the illusion that the craft was floating.

ROLL sits perfectly on the floor and can be moved around on small concealed wheels. The idea behind ROLL was to create an apparently impossible combination – a comfortable sofa with generous seating that’s easy to move around. ROLL is also available with legs and as a footstool.

is based on the same cubic shape as the other two systems, but it rests on thin runners. The ends are cut diagonally to give the sofa a sense of openness. SLIDE is very harmonious in shape because the back and armrests flow in an unbroken line which is elegantly finished off by the narrow runners.

METRO – now a complete conference family

Design: Thomas Sandell

First came the chair; now the table. Thomas Sandell continues his successful collaboration with OFFECCT. The METRO chair has now been joined by a conference table, making METRO a complete family. Despite its simple design, METRO conveys a specific impression. It also has a built-in telecom and power connection box. Thomas was inspired to create the pragmatic design by pieces of Lego.

The METRO conference table is a simple piece of furniture with the same distinct legs and shape as its forerunner, the chair. Thomas took his inspiration for METRO from Lego and the shapes that are created when the pieces are joined together. A power and telecom unit has been built into the table. The original aim was to create a product suitable for a simple manufacturing process which could be sold at a reasonable price.

Thomas Sandell is pleased with the increasing demand for Swedish design overseas.
- Open borders are bringing in more products and design from other countries, and Swedish design is also enjoying success around the world. At the same time, this makes it an ever greater challenge to produce something unique. It’s therefore vital to me to be familiar with the latest developments in design beyond Sweden’s borders, Thomas Sandell explains.

Thomas values his collaboration with OFFECCT.
- It’s a company that has the courage to grow internationally, is open to new influences and plays an active part in global design development. My work with OFFECCT provides me with further inspiration to broaden my horizons, Thomas continues.

The METRO chair and the new conference table are certainly just the beginning of designs by Thomas Sandell for OFFECCT.

OFFECCT focuses on consumers with exclusive new home concept

Design company OFFECCT has achieved great success in recent years with increasing international demand. During the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2005, which will be held 9–13 February, OFFECCT will be presenting yet another stage of its initiative for the future. With a new business area specifically adapted for consumers with an interest in design, and products by some of the world’s most interesting designers, OFFECCT is now entering the consumer market at the highest level.

With over 15 years’ experience of developing and manufacturing furniture for meeting-places and public spaces, OFFECCT has now created a cutting-edge home collection especially for consumers looking for first-class international design.

- We have reached the point where we feel we need to respond to the extensive interest in OFFECCT among consumers. It is a natural progression for us to build on our more than 15 years of know-how in this area. For this reason we’re now developing our brand further by adding a new business area: OFFECCT home, says Kurt Tingdal, CEO of OFFECCT.

Consumers are looking for increasingly unique forms. Inspiration from public spaces is moving into people’s homes and mixing with more personal touches. Demands on the strength and functionality of furniture are increasing: it needs to be multifunctional and adaptable. OFFECCT’s home concept will offer consumers exactly that: the very highest quality products with a high design value, created by such world-renowned designers as Monica Förster, Alfred Häberli, Eero Koivisto, Marre Moerel and others. Design development takes place at OFFECCT’s development centre in Sweden. The products will be marketed internationally in design stores such as Nordiska Galleriet in Stockholm, Skandium in London and House of Scandinavia in Hamburg. OFFECCT’s range will therefore be available to a broader consumer market than before, even outside Scandinavia.

A selection from the exclusive new home collection will be presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2005. One example is the brand new sofa system by Eero Koivisto. OFFECCT will present its new home range at a separate location in central Stockholm for a limited period during 10–12 February. Only new products from the meeting-place collection will be shown at the actual fair in Älvsjö.

Design: Eero Koivisto.
Barstool with covered seat. Supported with footrest. Chrome finishing.

Stool included in the ORBIT collection with small sizes for flexible use.
Design Eero Koivisto.

Laminated plywood in natural, or lacquered finish.

Laminated plywood in natural, or lacquered finish. Metal parts in chromed metal.
Design: Khodi Feiz.

Laminated plywood seat in natural birch, stained or lacquered finish. Metal runners in chromed. Also available upholstered in fabric.
Design: Ola Rune

Photo: PeterFotograf


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