Fantasy Design is a project in which schoolchildren are the main actors and producers of design. Fantasy Design is a three-year design education project consisting of activities aimed at schools and special training and teaching materials for teachers. The immediate and most
visible result of the project will be an international touring exhibition of works by schoolchildren.

Fantasy Design is promoting basic skills in design: problem-solving, cultural thinking, artistic expression, and an innovative attitude to work. An awareness and appreciation of objects is promoted, as well as an
interdisciplinary approach taking into account historical, social and economic points of view. All the activities will be implemented in each participating country simultaneously.


Designers will visit schools
Designers, craftspersons and other professionals will visit schools and give workshops. The designers will represent various areas of art and design. Schoolchildren will be given opportunities to make acquaintance and work under the guidance of professional designers and craftspersons.

The designer will tell about his/her work and design process step-by-step in order to show how objects are created. To make the experience as authentic as possible field trips to factories and companies will be arranged where possible.

Workshops on design
Several workshops will be provided for the schoolchildren in the schools or participating art institutions. The workshops will present the history and development of material culture and the processes whereby everyday goods and products are created.

The work will emphasise the multidisciplinary nature of the design process. The themes of the workshops will promote the importance of design in everyday life and the environment.

Teaching design
In each participating country, training sessions for teachers in crafts and arts subjects will be held, with designers and other professionals in the field as instructors. The information is given in the form of workshops, lectures, case studies and discussions.

Special emphasis is focused to provide an up-to-date conception of design and its significance and use in business, industry and society. Most of the information will also be provided via the project website.

Educational material
The new information and ideas in support of design education that are generated during the Fantasy Design process will be published in printed/net versions.

New educational material will be produced during the course of the project. The most relevant part will be made available to all participants via this netsite.

The international touring exhibition of schoolchildrens’ works
The Fantasy Design project will be carried out in schools for the duration of one school year. Some 60-90 pieces made in the project during the school year will be chosen for the international exhibition. The selection will be made by an international panel of designers and design professionals. As many selected works as possible will
made into prototypes in design-intensive companies. The exhibition will be shown in Helsinki, Gent and Glasgow.


Design education can improve the ability of children and young people to make decisions concerning consumption and the environment with due consideration for design. Fantasy Design project gives schoolchildren and teachers an opportunity to work with design, thus improving and increasing the design awareness of future consumers.
Teachers of crafts and arts subjects will be provided with professional training and means and methods for design education will be produced.

Fantasy Design will place particular emphasis on producing and making available information and knowledge in support of design education in schools, and the utilization of results in the form of new teaching
materials. Also the most visible result of the project, the international touring exhibition will be used as a tool of design education.


The main coordinating work of the project will take place by the Design Museum, Finland. Fantasy Design is based on a previous joint project involving Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark in 1998-2000.
The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Architecture,
Design and the City, Scotland
Lesley Riddell, email:
Design Museum, Finland
Pia Strandman, email:
Design museum Gent, Belgium
Bernadette DeLoose, email:
CVU Sjaelland - Hindholm Socialpaedagogiske
Seminarium, Denmark
Henrik Bak, email:
Norsk Form – Centre for Design, Architecture and the
Built Environment, Norway
Cathrine Kullberg, email:


Aug 2003 - Oct 2003:
Presentation of national programmes, the opening of the website of the project

Sept 2003 – May 2004:
Work and activities in schools, teacher training, production of teaching material

May 2004 – June 2004:
The international jury of the exhibition

Aug 2004 – Nov 2004:
Contacts with companies, preparation of prototypes

Sept 2004 - Nov 2004:
The planning and designing of a touring exhibition

Dec 2004 – Febr 2005:
Presentation of the exhibition at Design Museum, Finland

March 2005 – May 2005:
Presentation of the exhibition at Design museum Gent, Belgium

Sept – Nov 2005:
Presentation of the exhibition at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Architecture Design and the City of Glasgow

By Apr 2006:
The dismounting of the exhibition and the return of the works to the co-organisers, final reports

Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Visitatie, Mariakerke
Sint-Aloysiuscollege, Ninove
Sint-Paulusinstituut, Ghent
Technisch Instituut Heilige Harten, Ninove
Koninklijk Lyceum, Aalst
Edugo, Lochristi
Technisch Instituut Sint-Laurens - Maria Middelares,
Klimop, Ghent
De Acacia, Ghent
De Mozaiek, Ghent
De Oogappel, Ghent
Ala-Malmin peruskoulu, Helsinki
Aninkoulu, Kauhajoki
Etelä-Kaarelan yläaste, Helsinki

Hangö högstadium och gymnasium, Hanko
Hämeenlinnan yhteiskoulu, Hämeenlinna
Juuan lukio, Juuka
Kaitaan koulu ja lukio, Espoo
Kallion lukio, Helsinki
Karan koulu, Riihimäki
Karis svenska högstadium, Karjaa
Katedralskolan i Åbo, Turku
Kurikan yhteiskoulu, Kurikka
Käpylän yläaste, Helsinki
Maunun koulu, Rusko
Mikkelin Lyseon koulu, Mikkeli
Myllykosken yhteiskoulu, Anjalankoski
Nilon koulu, Kuusamo
Pernon koulu ja lukio, Turku
Puistolan peruskoulu, Helsinki
Pyhäjoen yläaste ja lukio, Pyhäjoki
Ruukin yläaste, Ruukki
Salinkallion peruskoulu ja lukio, Lahti
Seminaarin Koulu, Heinola
Sökövikens skola, Espoo
Tikkakosken koulu, Tikkakoski
Vasa övningsskola och gymnasium, Vaasa
Veikkolan koulu, Kirkkonummi
Vöyrinkaupungin koulu, Vaasa
Ypäjän yläaste, Ypäjä
Äetsän koulu ja lukio, Kiikka
Askimbyen skole, Askim
Refsnes skole, Moss
Skøyen skole, Oslo
Ruseløkka skole, Oslo
Grünerløkka skole, Oslo Norway

Design museum Helsinki / Finland
Design museum Gent Belgium
The Lighthouse, Scotland s Centre for Architecture, Design and the City, Glasgow / Scotland
Norsk Form — Center for design, Architecture and the Built Environment Oslo / Norway
Hindholm Socialp dagogiske Seminarium Fugleberg / Denmark