Nordiska Kompaniet Presents:
Brazil, The One, Gobble, Metal Queen, and The Royal Physician's Visit — what do these products have in common besides the fact that you can buy them at NK? Behind them you’ll find some of Sweden's leading design profiles. This summer you will have the opportunity to meet them in a unique exhibition, where they step forward from the wings of NK's display windows.

We warmly invite you to this exhibition between July 2 and August 3.

World-Class Swedish Designers
The tremendous interest worldwide in Swedish design and designers has inspired a unique exhibition — SWEDISH PROFILES — which is on display at NK this summer. The exhibition spotlights the creators behind the products and lets them literally step out from the wings and introduce themselves to tourists and summer Stockholmers. SWEDISH PROFILES encompasses glass, furniture, and silver designers, ergonomics, industrial, and fashion designers, as well as a musician, an author, and a pastry chef. They all represent a wealth of world-class experience.

Peter Hallén, one of Sweden's internationally recognized names in design, is responsible for the selection and design of the exhibition. He has chosen to display NK's design profiles in a venue inspired by the theatrical stage. The wings of the six display windows facing Hamngatan showcase classic Swedish environments such as the Copper Tent in Hagaparken, the wall surrounding Visby, and the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, creating an exciting setting for the profiles, which are presented as life-sized cardboard figures. The real products can, however, be seen beside the photographs of their creators.

NK — A Rich Tradition for Showcasing Form and Design
Swedish and international form and design are among the key cornerstones in NK's brand profile and the department store has a long tradition in the field. Over the years, NK has worked together with and showcased an array of design profiles in various contexts. Examples include the 1925 World Fair in Paris, when Carl Hörvik and Carl Malmsten created award-winning luxury- and standard furniture for NK's exhibition and in 1937, when architect Elias Svedberg worked with textile artist Astrid Sampe to furnish the Swedish pavilion. Sometimes the department store also serves as a gallery. For many years, NK Stockholm and NK Göteborg have made their display windows and exhibition facilities available to Sweden's design schools, where they show a selection of work produced by graduating students every year.
A unique experience at NK
In summary, it is largely these profiles who define the department store, who lend the store its body and soul. The creativity of these individuals–whether it is in music, glass, or furniture design–enables NK to offer Stockholmers and tourists a unique selection of merchandise. NK would like to honor these Swedish Profiles for their efforts in this summer exhibition.


Signe Persson — Melin
Designer of Glass and Pottery

Signe Persson-Melin achieved her great breakthrough at the H55 exhibition in Helsingborg, which featured works such as her stoneware spice-jars with cork lids. She began as a craftsperson and from the 1960s worked mainly with industrial operations at BodaNova, Rörstrand, and Boda Glassworks. Her handsomely crafted tableware and utilitarian objects from the 1960s and 1970s expressed the idiom of the period.

Signe Persson-Melin has also crafted several large public works, some of which decorate Stockholm's central subway station and Folkets Hus (formerly Stadsteatern) at Barnhusgatan in Stockholm. In the late 1980s and early 1990s she was a professor at Stockholm's University College of Arts, Crafts & Design.

Jonas Lindvall
Architect and furniture designer

After studying design at the School of Design and Crafts in Göteborg, the Royal College of Art in London, and the Royal Academy in Copenhagen, Jonas Lindvall returned to his hometown of Malmö, where he has his architect's office, Vertigo. With his timeless and elegant style, he has created office, residential, and restaurant furniture and interiors, including for Swedish design companies Skandiform, David Design, and Annell Ljus & Form, as well as the Japanese fashion house Issey Miyake.

Four pieces of furniture designed by Jonas Lindvall have been received the "Excellent Swedish Design" award. Several museums in Sweden have purchased his work and he is also represented in the permanent exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Claesson Koivisto Rune
Architects and furniture designers

Having met at the University college of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm, Claesson Koivisto Rune was founded by Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune in 1993. Their projects have ranged from architecture to product and furniture design. Private homes, offices, exhibitions, advertising agencies, and restaurant interiors are all represented on their list of completed projects.

The office has received numerous awards, including several "Excellent Swedish Design" awards and the "Golden Chair," for interiors as well as for individual product designs. They are extensively productive, yet they never lose sight of the uncompromising and dedicated uniqueness of their design.

Ingegerd Råman
Glass Designer

Ingegerd Råman was educated at the Swedish School of Arts, Craft, and Design. She is represented at a large number of museums worldwide, from the National Museum in Stockholm to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Corning Museum of Glass in the United States.

Her simple, self-explanatory glass objects have brought her commissions from the Swedish Foreign Department, the royal family, and the Riksdag, as well as the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and the house of Trussardi in Italy.

Her motto is: "My work is always a link between simplicity, function, and esthetic value."

Lena Bergström
Glass and Textile Designer

After studying at the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm, Lena Bergström came to Orrefors to work on a special project in the early 1990s. She was enthralled by glass as a medium and has worked for the glassworks as a designer since 1994.

With her secure sense of form and gentle yet graphic works, Lena has brought a fresh young voice to the art. Her works include the Cyrano, Sopranos, and Pastill series, as well as the colourful Colore and Calypso vases, which are based on Orrefors' renowned Fuga technique.

Lena Bergström has been commissioned for several public works and she received the "Excellent Swedish Design" award for six glass collections, including Squeeze and Puck.

Erika Lagerbielke
Glass Designer

After studying industrial design at the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm, Erica Lagerbielke became an asset on the Orrefors design team in 1982. For two decades she designed glass for Orrefors that captured the hearts of critic and consumer alike. Her tableware designs include Intermezzo, Merlot, and Difference, which all received the "Excellent Swedish Design" award. Intermezzo, one of Orrefors' best-sellers, was also honoured with the prestigious "International Tablet Award."

Colour and cut detail are characteristic of Erika Lagerbielke's work in both art glass and her collections.

Per B. Sundberg
Glass Designer

Per B. Sundberg has a background working as a studio glass-blower. He studied at Capellagården on Öland and at the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm. Orrefors hired Sundberg in 1994 to work on a special project.

Per B. Sundberg’s glass creates a powerful dynamic within Orrefors, in contrast to the simplicity and classic elegance of his colleagues’ designs. His idiom is sculptural, often with organic glass forms.

He has developed his own technique at Orrefors, Fabula, which is based on Graal. His contributions include the Pipe series with its functional bowls and pitchers for the contemporary kitchen, the Starfish votive, and the metallic Earth art glass vase. New for 2003 is the playful vase and bowl series Bop in soft bubble-gum colours.

Eva Schildt
Product Designer

Eva Schildt studied product design at Beckman's School of Design and she presented a unique collection when she graduated in 2001. Since then, many of her products have won awards for their outstanding design.

A number of her products are now featured in the Design House Stockholm collection, including insulated bags, a rug and cape called Picnic, and the exciting Gardener's Sofa.

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown is one of our highly successful Swedish artists and her design is expressed through music. She recently came out with her fourth album, "Home" — her three earlier albums are Vera (1998), In My Garden (1997), and Giving You the Best (1994). As earlier, the album focuses on an organic sound that mainly consists of her lyrics and acoustic instruments that blend beautifully with a modern beat.

The third album, Vera, became Jennifer Brown's definitive artistic and commercial breakthrough and she took home a Swedish Grammy for Best Female artist. She was also nominated for Best Lyricist.

Johan Lindeberg
Fashion Designer

Johan Lindeberg is the strategist who gained worldwide recognition and respect when he added modern marketing philosophy to existing product orientation to develop Diesel into an international brand. He launched the Italian fashion brand Diesel in the USA in 1992 and became CEO of Diesel USA in late 1994.

After leaving Diesel in the spring of 1996, Johan Lindeberg celebrated the international launch of his first collection for his own brand, J Lindeberg, for the fall of 1997. The brand was introduced simultaneously in Stockholm and New York, both of which Lindeberg considers as home markets. He includes a golf statement in his sportswear collection, claiming that his clothes should evoke an attitude of freethinking spirituality, while conveying personality and star quality.

Anna Holtblad
Fashion Designer

Anna Holtblad studied fashion at Beckman's School of Design. In the late 1980s she was on the cutting edge of the new generation of Swedish designers, which has now taken its place on the international fashion scene.

Her first collection was based on modern and folklore-inspired knit garments. These garments are still important, but her collections have evolved and now encompass a wide array of materials and colours. Anna has won the "Guldknappen" award and a Nordic design prize for her work.

Thomas Bernstrand
Furniture Designer

Since graduating from the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design in 1999, Thomas Bernstrand has taken part in countless exhibitions worldwide, from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan and Örebro Konsthall in Sweden. The boundary between furniture and art has become fluid in Bernstrand’s innovative furniture designs.

His "Wembley" sofa is sold by the MoMa Design Store in New York and other manufacturers include CBI Design, Ikea, and Söderbergs Möbler furniture store. Bernstrand has also won several awards, including the "Excellent Swedish Design" award in 2002 and 2000.

Sara Szyber
Product- and interior designer

Sara Szyber works with a wide range of projects related to interior space, from exhibitions to product and interior design. She manufactures her own products and also works with established producers such as Ikea and Design House Stockholm. Her business partners include Riksutställningar (Swedish Traveling Exhibitions), Futurniture, Skarp/Forsman & Bodenfors, and Palliser in Canada.
Sara Torsson Szyber’s products have appeared in a number of international exhibitions, most recently in France and Thailand. She was also represented together with Nina Jobs in the Swedish design initiative at the furniture trade fair in Milan this year.

Her awards include the "Golden Chair" for a drop-leaf table with a drawer.

Lillemor Jakobson
Textile and Graphics Designer

Since the 1970s, the practical modern designs and cheerfully coloured products from BabyBjörn have made life easier and more fun for Swedish parents and their children.

Lillemor Jakobson, who studied at the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design, says that her main source of inspiration is her own four children and eight grandchildren. Since the 1970s she has worked at BabyBjörn, the company she owns together with husband Björn, designing the fabrics for the textile products BABYBJÖRN â Baby Sitter, Baby Carrier, Diaper Bag, and Diaper Backpack, as well as colouring for kitchen and bathroom articles and coordinating the entire line of products.

Håkan Bergqvist
Industrial Designer

Håkan Bergqvist studied industrial design at the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design from 1970 to 1976. After graduation he began to work at Ergonomi Design Gruppen, where he is still active. His achievements include developing tools for Bahco.

For over fifteen years, Håkan has worked with Lillemor Jakobson at Babybjörn to develop and improve their functional and ergonomically correct line of products, including the classic Baby Carrier.

As a team member he has received several design awards in Sweden as well as in Japan, Germany, and the United States.

Stefan Johnson-Peterson
Pastry Chef

In honour of the NK building's 90th anniversary celebration in 1991, newly hired pastry chef Stefan Johnson-Peterson introduced French mousse cakes to Sweden. A few years later he won a bronze medal in the world championship for pastry chefs.

As head pastry chef, Stefan led the NK bakery to become the "Bakery of the Year" in both 1993 and 2003, for its innovation and quality as well as the high artistic level of its product design.

Stefan Johnson-Peterson was also a member of the National Swedish Chef Team between 1993 and 2000 and worked as the team's aesthetic advisor. In 1994 he was one of the winners of the gold medal in Chicago and in Luxembourg in 2000 the team won the World Championship with a total of ten medals.

Linda Rampell
Doctor of Design Theory

In the book DESIGNATLAS En resa genom designteori 1845-2002 (DESIGN ATLAS A journey through design theory) Linda Rampell discusses the design ideology and taste doctrine that characterized the twentieth century and which in many ways still prevail. This modernistic design ideology, which Föreningen Svensk Form (Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) keeps alive with government funding, was founded in the 1930s. Then as now, the point was to design a homogeneous national identity and market this monoculture in "good taste" both in Sweden and abroad. The ideal remains that design should be Swedish, blonde, and functional.

Obviously design should be functional, technically sustainable, etc., but these values have become ends in themselves, says Linda Rampell. Instead of the old monoculture "good Swedish taste," Linda Rampell wants to see an aware, contemporary, multicultural, and experimental design that affirms the diverse, personal, and individual on their own terms.

Gabor Palotai
Graphic Designer

Gabor Palotai is one of Sweden's most innovative graphic designers. He uses an urban and international idiom to showcase the unique perspective of each assignment, whether he is designing books, packaging, pictograms, animation, or exhibitions.

Gabor Palotai's designs are collected in the book "Maximizing The Audience" which, together with the experimental DVD "The Animated Book," was selected for Colette in Paris and MoMa in New York. Palotai is an elected member of the highly respected Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI), an international association for the most talented graphic designers in the world. He has won a number of prizes for his work, most recently the 2003 Red Dot Design Award.

Jean-Erik Rehn
Architect, Artist, Graphic Designer, Designer

Jean-Eric Rehn, 1717-93, has been referred to as the father of Gustavian style and was one of the most prominent Swedish interior designers in the eighteenth century. Through the years, Rehn left his mark on most of the decorative arts. His signature can be found on textile and porcelain patterns, silver articles, medals, tiled ovens, and furniture.

Rehn designed patterns for Rörstrand and helped with the interior design of the castle in Stockholm. He also worked with Georg Haupt, whose magnificent furniture was largely designed by Rehn.

Peter Hallén
(MSA/SAR) Exhibition Curator

Peter Hallén is a trailblazing architect and one of Sweden's internationally renowned figures in the field of design. At heart, Peter is an architect and his work includes furnishing the Uppsala Art Museum as well as Stockholm restaurants Halv Grek Plus Turk and Erik's Grill and Bar on the terrace of Gondolens.

Peter Hallén has also designed a chandelier with fiberoptics for Orrefors and upholstered outdoor furniture for Nola. The Musée des Arts Decoratifs at the Louvre and the Design Museum in London have featured exhibitions of his work. He is a member of the international design group Bigsnake together with James Irvine, Marc Newson, Jasper Morrison, and Stefano Giovannoni.

Per Olov Enquist

Per Olov Enquist, M.A., Uppsala University, debuted with the book The Crystal Eye in 1961 and three years later he had his breakthrough with the historical novel The Magnetist's Fifth Winter (1964), which was also made into a movie. In 1968 Enquist's Legionnaires was published. The book won The Nordic Council's literature prize and the author achieved his international breakthrough when this book was translated into some ten languages. His novel The Royal Physician's Visit was awarded the August Prize in 1999 and in France it took Best Foreign Novel in 2001.

In 1975 Per Olov made his sensational debut as a playwright with Night of the Tribades about an episode in Strindberg's life. Following the world premiere in September 1975 at The Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm, the play was translated into over twenty languages and produced worldwide. Per Olov Enquist has also written the script for a TV-series about Strindberg and two videos by Jan Troell, Il Capitano and Hamsun.

Annika Sjölén
Jewelry designer

Annika Sjölén is a trained goldsmith, working mainly as a jewelry designer. She has a unique modern accessories collection, established in 1994. Her fresh, unique, and innovative designs feature a wide spectrum of colours and unexpected combinations of different materials.

Annika Sjölén designs exclusive handmade pieces for private clients. She also works on a freelance basis for companies such as Hallbergs AB, SIR Tiger AB and Design House Stockholm.

Mårten Cyrén
Interior designer/furniture architect SIR

Mårten Cyrén attended the University College of Arts, Crafts, & Design and for over fifteen years he has carried out interior design projects for clients such as the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, PharmaciaUpjohn and Wasa Insurance, as well as design projects for Fagerhult, Zero, Yamazaki Tablewear, BodaNova and others.

Cyrén has participated in countless exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. He has won the Excellent Swedish Design Award on four different occasions. In 2001 he held a joint exhibition with his father, Gunnar Cyrén, at the artists' colony Tjörnedala in Skåne.

David Crafoord
Industrial Designer

David Crafoord began working at Ergonomidesign after graduating from the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design in 1994. He has been a partner in the company since 1997.

His most recent projects include a camera for Ikonoskop, industrial equipment for Hornell International, a sports car for Koenigsegg CC, and medical equipment for Siemens.

David Crafoord has received many awards in recent years, including several Red Dot awards, the Excellent Swedish Design award, and the Japanese Good Design award, as well as a gold medal at the design biennial in Ljubljana. He was also chairman of the jury for the 2002 Excellent Swedish Design award.