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María Loor and the ecuadorian graphic design.

The design of an idea.
¨Since my early start as an illustrator and later as a graphical designer,
I have being lucky to work and experiment an endless number of branches
within the visual communication field, from designing advertisements,
packages, to corporative images, and even passing through teaching. This
has allowed me to consider and to evaluate several points of view, from my
own experience and from the interaction with other professionals and
colleagues, students and mentors that have enriched my professional work.
In all these experiences I have being able to learn and verify that the
design is a balance between functionality and aesthetic. It is not only
about creating beautiful things, because if there is no communication, there
is no design; it would only turn to be a pretty drawing and nothing else. In
order to be considered a design, or a visual communication, it must
function, and it must be useful for an specific purpose. No matter if it is
a logo, a package, a catalog or a sign... it must communicate something. ¨

A little bit of history

María Loor established her studio, mldg, in the city of Guayaquil in
October 1996, dedicating herself to the conceptual and creative development
of graphical pieces that could solve communicational problems through the
utilization of traditional visual means and digital ones.

The designer and illustrator, María Loor, has a 15 year experience in the
field of graphic design and national and international advertisement. She
was the Art Director in Norlop-Thompson, designing advertising campaigns and
graphic pieces for clients like : Pacific Bank, McDougal, Jabonería Nacional
(National Soap Factory), Indecsa, Grupo Noboa, Shell, La Universal, American
Airlines, among others. Due to her excellent work she obtained an endless
number of awards from the Asociación Ecuatoriana de Agencias de Publicidad
(Ecuadorian Association of Publicity Agencies). Her performance in this
company allowed her to work during short periods of time in
Thompson-Santiago, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

After making her studies she graduated with honors in Rhode Island School
of Design (BFA-1994) as a graphic designer, obtaining the award for the best
graduation project, with her work ¨Races and Believes¨- A Collection of
posters and title pages inspired in Gabriel García Marquez.

She worked in New York as a freelance graphic designer at Maru León Design.
There she designed materials for sale and promotions for the magazine
Parenting & Baby Talk. Later she went to work with Roger van den Bergh
collaborating in the design of programs and manuals for the corporative
images of MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority), ZWN, Hermes (The
Netherlands), IBM and Mutual of America. Later she became part of the group
van den Bergh & Gilliatt, designing the corporative identity of Shandong
Airlines, Bell South and the Olympic Games of Atlanta.

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The idea, foundation of design

¨Every art is a conscious activity not a passive discovery¨ Ernesto Sabato

Before starting to express themselves properly, men already looked for
systems that could guarantee their survival. Before being able to
communicate, men already knew how to use natural resources in order to
survive in their environment. Later they claimed on the concept of ¨Idea¨,
for creating a world through history. In order to create the history that
made up the world. The first step in every creative process is to have an
idea. As a matter of fact, the idea is more than just a resource, it is a
form of life innate to the necessities, activities and costumes of the
individual. Ironically, we conceive ideas like terms that don´t belong to
the creative process called Deign. Within this context we try not to assume
the design as the idea that we reinvent every day, in order to make from it
all those things that haven´t been created, or that are halfway created or
that do not meet our standards of satisfaction. At the moment we conceive
the design as a functional and aesthetic element, that projects itself like
an evidence of our process of evolution and change; as the result of men´s
endless creative capacity. Design with all its full names, graphic,
industrial, fashion, urban, architectural, etch, represents the innovation
and the latest proposal that portrays the present and leads to the future.
The track of a new generation has been marked in South America, it stopped
being incipient and started backing the characteristic necessities of our
people and of our countries. The movement began seeking for a growth that
would identify us as the constructors of a different reality, but not
tangential to that on other continents. The movement started since men
looked for ideas to guarantee their survival, before learning how to express
correctly. Now the movement started when we realized that we are the
center of it.

Text: Adriana Mendez / Traslate: Nuria Moya / For more

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