Jean Prouvé

The reputation of Jean Prouvé has never been as great as today. His
creations sell for huge amounts at auctions. The amount of books and
exhibitions about him is growing all the time.

French architect and designer, born in Nancy in 1901, he died in the same
town in 1984. He is now honored through an exhibition organized by the
‘Center of Information, Documentation, Urban and Architectural Exhibition’
in Paris. A large presentation of furniture, photographs and films allow us
to follow the career of this great architect.
His work was guided by a few simple rules that he described as follows:
‘My work was determined by:
- the evolution of science which influences the techniques.
- the study of materials and their treatment as well as the observation of
those who practiced them.
- the search for inspiration in advanced techniques.’

These principles were applied in Nancy in Jean Prouve’s studios with the
fantastic result that we all know. This modest man, who also collaborated
with other talented creators like Charlotte Perriand or Sonia Delaunay, has
without any doubt deserved the tribute that is being paid to him in Paris
from now until August 31st at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, 21 boulevard
Morland - 75004 Paris.

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