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"Arts & Science" International Show

As one of the main activities of 90th aniversersary of the Tsinghua University, "Arts & Science" International Show hosted by Tsinghua University was being held from May 31 to June 17 at China Gallery. At this exhibition, about 700 good works out of 32 colleges of 19 countries, including painting, sculpture, art design, calligraphy and syntactic art forms so on, embodied the research and exploration of the artists and scientists. Particularly, many works were created by either the famous international artists or the scientists or co-created by both. The well-known scientist Li Zhengdao, also the winner of Nobel Prize, dedicated in nuclear physics and the exploration of the combination of art with science, presented the electron collision in his creative sculpture "the discipline of substances", and the famous artist Wu Guanzhong invented the big sculpture "the desire of life" on the basis of the proclain structure discovered by scientists. These two works embody the beauty and power of the substance and life. Among all the exhiobitions, the concept design of the express train by Fine Arts College of Tsinghua University interested all the visitors.

Young Designer Competition, 2001 Wuxi International Industrial Design Festival

To promote the development of the industrial design to meet the demand of improved living standard of people, to prepare ourselves for facing new challenge and strong competition, Wuxi People's Government is going to organize "2001 International Industrial Design Festival" on 25th~28th October 2001. The Festival is sponsored by the China Ministry of Science and Technology, the Jiangsu Provincial Government and the Industrial Design Society of China. The Festival will include activities as Wuxi International Industrial Design Fair; the Advanced International Forum; and other industrial design popularizing activities. In addition, there will be an Industrial Design Competition. The following is the invitation to designers who may be interested in taking part in the competition.

1. The Theme: New Century New Technology New Design New life
2. Scope of the Competition Works: designs for household and/or personal daily necessities.
3. Qualification of the participants:
University or college students and young designers under age of 45. Individual and /or collective. Each participant can have the most of two pieces of works for the competition.
4. Award:
First Award: One. Reward: 10'000RMB with certificate
Special Award: 8 pieces, Reward: 5'000 RMB /per piece with certificate
Prize for excellent works: 10 pieces, souvenir and certificate
5. Style of the works for competition:
Print out on A4 paper, less than 4 pages including the name of the work; design idea; 3-D design effect drawing(s) (or design model, or picture of the practical object); 3-view design drawing(s); and explanation of the design.
Please glue the attached form at the back of your work.
6. Appraisal and exhibition:
The Committee will organize industrial design specialists to decide on awards through discussion before 15th August 2001. The top 100 pieces of works will be selected as the first selection to go forward for the higher prize. The selected Author will be given with a certificate and should provide the modified work on floppy disk or CD disk or MO disk before 30th September 2001( in the form of JPG or TIF).

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