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la biennale di venezia
49th international exhibition of art, venice, italy
from 10 june to 4 november 2001

title: plateau of humankind
director: harald szeemann
ufficial site of the biennial

the winners of the 'leoni d'oro' to 2 masters of contemporay art:
cy twombly (usa)
richard serra (usa)

'leone d'oro' for the best national participation:
german pavilion/
gregor schneider -artist
ugo kittelmann -commissioner
the core of the artistic work of gregor schneider is a
standard tenement building in rheydt,
the so-called 'haus ur', which he is constantly remodelling.
he construct rooms in already esisting rooms, build
walls in front of existing walls.
shifting the material is also an elementary component
of his artistic work: schneider transferred parts of the
'haus ur' to the german pavilion.
main sponsor: dornbracht

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'a campus for the third milenium'
an international competition

the luigi bocconi business school - based in milan, italy -
and editoriale domus (publisher of the italian architecture
and design magazine 'domus' )
are promoting a competetion, open to students at schools
of architecture, fine arts academies and design institutes worldwide.

the competition looks for interesting solutions for the development
of an innovative image which characterises the new bocconi campus,
making it a pleasant place to live for both students and those living
in the area. the competition coincides with the celebration of the
centenary of the milanese academy.
the projects can be illustrated using various forms of communication
and artistic and technological forms of expression,
specified in the competition brief which can be found on

inscriptions must be made by 31 july 2001
(and projects should be sent in by 30 november 2001).

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illustration of an idyllic nuclear plant
punta fiume, caserta, italy, 1962

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