New Institutional Building and convention center for the latin American Social Sciences Faculty (Flacso) in Quito Ecuador.

The complex designed by the ecuadorian architect Christian Wiese, is located in the northern part of Quito and comprehends of four main activities: international organisms tower, new institutional tower for Flacso, convention center and a cultural-sculpture garden where the last three activities are articulated through a triple height atrium and the International organism building has its own access close to the street causing that each element of the program has an individual access.
The project's articulation with the city is gained through a square, which is comprehended as a gesture of accessibility and openness toward the city.
The square provides a perpendicular notion of motion from the street toward the access atrium, creating a sense of procession and a general institutional perception of the project.
The square is understood as a common social manifestation and social element throughout time and different cultures.
The convention center is located under the square, providing a logical structural solution due to the necessity of great spans in the auditoriums and a controlled load. The access to the convention center is provided by a depressed courtyard.
The more public activities are located in the lower floors surrounding the complex and expressed in a tripartite vertical distribution.
The first stone is going to be set on october the first by the brazilian president Esnesto Cardoso a former professor of the Flacso South American System.
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Full Moon
Popular cloth toys
By: Mauricio Luna

Watching the children while they play is a moment of inspiration for me.
They do it in different ways, they don´t only do it with objects that we
know as toys, but with a great number of simple elements such as: stones,
wood , that due to their shape, color and structure catch their attention
and allow them to create with their imagination. When they have more options
of textures, shapes, colors and mechanisms, we can see that they have a
greater possibility of developing their physical and emotional capacities,
skills and abilities.
During the child´s development the use of toys is fundamental. While playing
the child is able to get to know himself and the world that surrounds him;
he learns and prepares himself for the future to come, therefore toys are
his tools and so they should be carefully considered.
This integral design project was presented as a degree thesis, its objective
was: to generate a production system based on artisan techniques of
preparation and work of cloth, in order for it to adjust to the logic of
semi industrial work, thus allowing to increase production levels, to
diversify products and to guarantee their quality, at the same time it can
be a different alternative for the user, equipping him with tools (toys)
that help their physical and emotional development.
The inspiration received by the game is pronounced in an integral design
project, that is based on two unique concepts: options and simplicity.
Therefore to find beauty in the shapes and in simple mechanisms, and to get
to know the infinite possibilities that can be made when the elements work
out together.
Text: Mauricio Luna / Translation: Nuria Moya / you cam read the entire
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