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Forum on architecture of shopping malls

Barcelona will be hosting a Forum on the architecture of shopping malls on 25th and 26th October. Speakers will be focussing on the use of architecture and design to achieve better sales results and how this commercial spirit can be compatible with a general project for the city. The Forum will also be looking at current regulations and how they affect the potential creativity of designers, architects and interior designers. The venue will be the Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya (Plaça Nova, 5). More information at

Torres & Mystery
Jordi Torres shows relationship of the self with the body through "Nude Mystery"

The Torres&Torres showroom (Muntaner 462-466, Barcelona) has for the last few months been living under the effect of "Nude Mystery", the latest spectacular by Jordi Torres. The exhibition included the daring "Sensual Accessories", "Luminous Jewels" and the "Cellular mirrored dressing-table". The designer has taken his inspiration from the complex world of voluntary and involuntary bodily change in order to consider the limits of the self. One of the characteristic features of the beginning of this century is our power to modify the body: tattoos, plastic surgery, etc. Some examples are a breast-shaped bag to raise self-esteem, or the rucksack "heavenly arse". The wardrobe design was by Ramón Ramis who captured perfectly the audacious yet thoughtful nature of "nude mystery".

Creativity Guide 2001
Directory has set up virtual museum of design

The Guía Creativity 2001 (Creativity Guide 2001) stands out from the rest of the crowd in the design guides sector. This thorough professional directory also contains 5 interesting sections entitled "Chronology", "Experts", "Bibliography", "Distant designs" and "Design". The last of these looks at works and products designed by the best professionals. The Guide is 536 pages long and is produced annually. The team responsible for producing the Creativity Guide has also set up a Virtual Museum of Design at

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