Product Design
Dive Safely

Divers usually have to struggle with equipment-related problems rather than shark attacks. Because of all the hoses, buckles and belts, a panic situation can easily lead to confusion.
Heiko Tullney – himself a keen diver - has developed a concept which means all the components can be operated with just one movement. A custom-made neoprene waistcoat with gel pads is cut asymmetrically, so that in an emergency the diver only has to slip out of one armhole. It closes by means of a slider that interlocks four synthetic strips, requiring only a slight effort from top to bottom. A back plate with an integrated valve unit as a combination of airline and tank plus a clamp mean the tank and waistcoat are positioned securely. Only the air supply is effected by means of a free-floating hose. All the others have been replaced or are integrated. In an emergency, the buoyancy compensation device ensures the diver will rise to the surface. It runs around the neck and ends on both sides of the hips. The U-shape ensures the diver will lie on his stomach under water and on his back on the surface. The painstakingly thought-out system has already aroused the interest of several manufacturers. pt

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