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Tokyo Designers Block 2001

10th-14th October, 2001 there will be the "Tokyo Designers Block 2001" in
Tokyo. The hundreds of designers from all over the world, and Over two
hundreds Japanese designers will take part in this event. The main
characteristic of "Tokyo Designers Block" is that the designers who have
different style and background get together and frequently introduce their
original planning exhibitions. The theme that put the city character to good
use is set up in several areas of the Tokyo, and variety of people express
something in their own style by various viewpoints without being covered up
by anything. The situation which is very characteristic of Tokyo itself is
set as the basic stage.

There are some special projects for this event. The "IDEE Design Competition
2001" is one of them. This is an international design competition where
anyone can enter and anyone can be the judge. The main purpose being the
spotting and promoting of next generation designers, this competition
directly links companies with designers in order to established the closest
distance between "potential of good design" and "business". Theme is "
compatibilities". 1,357 works were applied from 39countries. First judgement
was finished and ten works are nominated for the "IDEE Award". All ten
works' prototypes are produced and will be exhibited at SPIRAL Building in
Aoyama, and also at the official website (
from 10th October. Any visiters can vote for the work that they really want
to buy. Awarded work will be Produced for retail purposes with royalty
contract with IDEE Co., Ltd. (Picture is the "Nest Lump" that won the "IDEE
Award" last year.)

Tokyo Designers Block's official website;

IDEE Design Competition's official website;

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"Nest Lump" that won the "IDEE Award" last year

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