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Cogito Airgo Sum
This bad boy is TIG-welded, for chrissakes.
Designers expanding their borders: Razor U.S.A., the company that re-ignited a product category with its phenomenally successful Razor Scooter, is shooting for a second hit: The Airgo, a high-quality, pneumatic, and adjustable pogo stick, is about to hit the market.

In addition to supplying a ridiculous kind of fun, Razor claims the Airgo will tone your legs, abs and buttocks. If this catches on, add another obstacle to the list of things--bike messengers, scooterists, rollerbladers--that make Manhattan sidewalks dangerous: overweight people hopping around on pogo sticks.

Other Kinds of Driving

Gives a whole new meaning to BMW 540.
In other examples of design expansion, Nike is reportedly working on a set of golf clubs for Tiger Woods, and BMW has just released a skateboard. The Ultimate Skating Machine, a/k/a the StreetCarver, is a longboard with BMW suspension and a hefty $495 price tag, guaranteed to give parents a headache this December. Check it out at


Resolving the Problem
Herman Miller's next-generation office furniture, the Resolve system, is finally hitting the papers. The New York Times recently reported a local surge of usage for the modular, movable, flexible furniture system, which was designed by Ayse Birsel and which will probably replace the outdated cubicle system.

Interior designer Karen McGuinness, who has designed interiors utilizing Resolve, points out that it has yet to develop competition. "There have been [other] attempts at movable cubicles and desks, but none have brought it to the Resolve level yet."

Resolve has already made it into the MoMA, where it shares space with Action, the original cubicle system, also from Herman Miller.

What's so different about Resolve? Take a look for yourself:
Resolve to make a difference in any office environment.

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