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"Mayor Cup" Industrial Design Awarded in Shenzhen

After 3-month preparation and strict and colsed expert judge, the 3rd industrial design "mayor cup" of Shenznen has been announced. On august 29 of 2001, the awarding ceremony of the 3rd industrial design "mayor cup" was held on the 2nd floor of Shenzhen Commercial newspaper agent. Kamery Company of Shenzhen with its DP-9900 digital ultrasonic diagnostic system won the higest price of this industrial design show--"mayor cup". The designer of this product, Zhouxiang won this award second time after winning it first in 1998.

This award was classified into three items as products, graphs and "hope stars" toward college students. Its top honor was "mayor award".


The 1st China-America Joint International Conference On Design Education

For the sake of the rapid development of the international economy, especially for the need of designers in industrial development after China enters WTO, China Industrial Design Association (CIDA) as well as Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), Beijing Aeronautical & Astronautic University and Geogia Institute of Technology sponsored and decided to host "the 1st China-America Joint International Conference On Design Education" in Beijing from may 14 to may 17 of 2002. It's planned to be held every two years either in China or U.S.A..

The subjects of the conference:
1) the discussion of the current development trend of the international industrial design and its features
2) the interchange of industrial design education systems
3) the communication of the advanced methods applied in the industrial design education
4) the relations between the economic and industrial development and the design education, between the need of the personnels and the enterprises
5) the exploration of the remote industrial design education in internet age


2001 Wuxi International Industrial Design Festival

Main Activities:
1. 201 Wuxi International Industrial Design Fair
About 75 Exhibitors, including Haier, ChunLan, Little Swan, Hisense of China, GE of USA, Siemens of Germany, Panasonic of Japan, Nova of Taiwan and ZIBA Design of USA and other world well known enterprises will exhibit their latest development on design and advanced creative designs with personal characteristics

2. Advanced International Forum on Industrial Design in New Century
The venue of the Forum is in Southern Yangtze University (original
the Wuxi University of Light Industry). The Organizing Committee
has invited Masters and Professors from USA, (The Chairman of
ZIBA, etc), UK, (University of Coventry), Australia, (Queensland
University of Technology), Italy, (University of Polytechnic in
Milan), Representative from Asia and Pacific Regional of Philip
Design, Hong Kong (the Hong Kong University of Polytechnic) and
Professors from China. (Qinghua University and Southern Yangtze
University, and Shih-Chien University of Taiwan Experts etc. We
believe that every one will benefit from this Forum a lot.

3. 2001 Wuxi Young Designer Industrial Design Competition
The competition shall show us the hope of international industrial design. The first selected 100 competition entries will be exhibited at Wuxi Museum. The final judge will be carried out on the evening of 24th October. On 27th October it will be the Award Presentation and entertainment evening.

4. Other Event:
Include Show of middle school and primary school students creative design works.
Specific meetings etc. (Referred to the Schedule attached).

To register, simply complete the registration form in and return it to Committee Office. Registration fee can be paid in cash when you register in Wuxi.
Registration fee US$80 covers admission to the Forum and Fair, visit to Competition Entry Show, scheduled receptions, meals and materials.
Hotel: US$ 40 per standard room in four-star Hotel (Wuxi Hubin Hotel), or US$20 per standard room is available by request.
Notice to International Guests:
Please do arrange your trip to Shanghai on 24th October and inform us the arrival detail, so that we can pick you up in the airport.


Date and time

9:00am, 25th Oct.
Opening Ceremony of 2001 Wuxi International Industrial Festival
Wuxi Industrial Exhibition Center

25th-28th Oct.
2001 International Industrial Design Fair
Same as above

25th-28th Oct.
Show of first selected entry works of Young Designer Competition
Wuxi Museum

25th-28th Oct.
4th Seminar and 2nd Representative Conference of Jiangsu Industrial Design Association
Wuxi Yunhe Hotel

25th-28th Oct.
Conference of Whole China Productivity Centers
Wuxi Milido Hotel

26th-27th Oct.
New Century Industrial Design Forum
Yifu Science & Technology Hall, Southern Yangtze University

19:30, 27th Oct.
Award Presentation of Young Designer Competition & Entertainment Evening
Wuxi Hubin Hotel

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