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' electric-powered bike '

some years ago the electric bicycle seemed destined to become
something necessary to alleviate the problem of traffic and
pollution in big cities. from their enthusiasm, bicycle manufacturers
have now become quite skeptical for many reasons.

- who exactly are the users?
those interested in getting fit choose normal bicycles,
while those who love speed choose motorcycles.

- electric bikes are expensive, and after they have been
recharged 300-400 times, the battery has to be replaced.
until a few years ago, batteries were all lead batteries, not recyclable.
therefore electric bikes are not so ecological...

- some european producers have begun to promote bikes imported from
china [ nearly all electric bikes manufactured by western companies are
assembled with chinese parts in china or in taiwan ], with cadmium batteries.
this makes them still more expensive, now that chinese producers
are trying to sell their products directly in the western markets at much lower prices.

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