Ecuadorian industrial design looking for its own space

During these last years Ecuador has awaken a new esthetic, with the new
generation of industrial designers. This contemporary, dynamic and audacious
esthetic is presented by the creativity shown; that with enthusiasm gets
to change the content and the continent of the spaces, the employment of
objects and what we feel towards them. The expectation is such, that
everything appears like a new development, from the excellence of the
materialization of the objects, their ergonomics, materials, textures and
the amusement they provide, the fantasy. The general tonic is the
individuality in as much as it proposes the creation of models that give the
answer to the necessity of having an identity, that makes us be closer to
each other and at the same time makes us different. In this context we have
Raúl Guarderas, Mario Arias, Sandro Giorgi, Rodney
Verdezoto and Victor Molina, among other industrial designers that work in
order to achieve and strengthen a space for the contemporary design in
Ecuador. This country having thousands of years of design and other
thousands of forgetfulness, summons and organizes the new proposals,
taking into consideration its legacy with which the new generations struggle
incessantly. Modern design is trying to rescue the sign of its identity,
giving at the same time contemporary characteristics necessary for its
employment and understanding. Objects with identity, understanding it as a
feeling and a resource. Designs useful for the daily life, and at the same
time they give an unique touch, and make out of that moment a different
experience, pleasant, a party to the senses. Undertaking the challenge of
designing in countries like Ecuador, creates additional technological
challenges, that respond to the forms, structures and materials previously
thought, that allow the economic and technical production.
While designing we reach people emotions, due to the fact that the esthetic
motivates, plays with the rhythm, the sensuality, the modernity and the
tradition in creating the objects.
Text: RMP / Translation: Nuria Moya/ Full text at


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