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Madrid is a Palacios

Exhibition on major contributor to current landscape of Spanish capital

The Círculo de Bellas Artes (Society of Fine Arts) has organised an ambitious exhibition on Antonio Palacios, the architect considered responsible for Madrid’s current image. Among Palacios’ best-known work are the Círculo de Bellas Artes building itself, the Río de la Plata Bank (now BSCH), the Palacio de Comunicaciones and even the Madrid underground railway. The exhibition will be held at the Círculo de Bellas Artes from 13th November to 2nd January 2002, in commemoration of the official opening of the building 75 years ago. The project will extend to the whole of Madrid, with all of Palacios’ buildings in the city taking part, in addition to a bus tour of the Madrid of Palacios. For further information, see:

Reflection in Cuba

First La Havana International Architecture Biennial from 25 to 30 March

The Cuban capital will be holding the 1st La Havana International Architecture Biennial from 25th to 30th March 2002. The event is being organised by the Cuban Ministry of Culture, the Historians Office of the City of La Havana and the National Association of Architects and Construction Engineers of Cuba. Under a general theme of "The city: past, present and future", architects, planners and other specialists from the sector are invited to meet in Havana to consider the salvage of architecture and town planning as cultural elements at the service of society. Further information is available from the event organiser, María Antonia Arozarena (

1,825 details

America Sanchez collection of Barcelona's urban graphic heritage

America Sanchez has set out to acknowledge the work of the anonymous signmakers and designers who are responsible for a great deal of Barcelona’s particular "flavour". Looking beyond the work of the "superstars" of design, the city’s façades are covered with examples of imagination and vitality that are at times brilliant and at times hilarious. The 1,800 photographs in "Barcelona Gráfica" are a catalogue of the city’s graphic heritage. The book has an open-minded attitude, which has led to the inclusion of diverse elements such as plaques, tiles, murals, ornaments, etc. "Barcelona Gráfica" is published by GGili and has 496 pages.

Work from 2001

First Marc Martí National Poster Competition

The firm Marc Martí is organising its first National Poster Competition, open to anyone whose work has been published in Spain at any time during the year 2001. The deadline for entries is 1st March 2002. The prizes, ranging from 1,000 and 4,000 euros, will be decided on 24th May. For further information,
call (34) 93.301.02.34 or write to

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