landscape designer honored

One of Australia's best know and respected mid-century landscape designers Edna Walling has been documented in a web site which describes her design philosophy and shows some other work.:

Walling moved to Melbourne from England in the 1930s. Her early work was cottage garden style. Her planting technique was to throw a handful of potatoes around the garden site and plant bushes where they fell. She created 'picture' scapes of plants and trees.

Her clients, wealthy Toorak and Dandenong home owners, encouraged her in her unique style. One of the most challenging garden ideas was the 'green' garden, where all the plants were simply shades of green, from the trees to the flowers.

In the 60s, Walling became interested in the Australian native plants, which had been ignored by the homeowner. She then designed gardens that took advantage of the aesethic of the native garden. Much of her work survives in mature form, though only because the quality of the original idea was strong enough to convince the owners not to interfere.


myer music bowl restored and renovated

Sidney Myer played a large part in Melbourne's retail culture. He was also a patron of arts in the city. The bowl was built in 1959 to the design of Yunken, Freeman, Griffiths and Simpson. It was '... one of a small number of structures in Australia to combine a tensile structural system with a free-form roof, and was by far the most important in terms of its scale, sophistication and boldness of structural expression. The project represented an enormous achievement for its architects and structural engineers, and involved input from a number of technical and scientific consultants, including members of the Aeronautical Research Laboratories and CSIRO Forest Products Division.' [RAIA Statement of Significance]

It has been the site of free and popular concerts since 1959. The renovations have restored it's place in Melbourne's cultural life for years to come, introducing digital sound systems, more generous dressing room and green room facilities.

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