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Grime and punishment

'Secure Futures?' is a series of nine fictional products which question how design should prevent the theft of desirable personal products. The project, by Human Beans, was created as part the exhibition 'Communication DNA', curated by Dale Russell for the exhibition 'Don't Tempt Me', organised by Central Saint Martins College and the Design Council, and curated by Dr Lorraine Gamman. 'Don't Tempt Me' was based on the research of the Central Saint Martins Design Against Crime Initiative.

The 'Secure Futures?' project proposes that desirable objects make us the victims of their desirability. In fictional products -- disposable and edible electronics, for example -- the use value of the device is contained in the service, so there is no need to build physical value into the hardware. A commonly available and disposable object, of little value to thieves, would be less likely to be stolen.

In addition, another range of fictional products from Human Beans is called 'Wow - I can't believe it's still dirty!' This range focuses on our feelings about dirt and cleanliness, and includes products such as Visi-Germ, a spray that shows up bacteria, and Mr Germy, a teething ring to help babies build up resistance to germs.

Human Beans is a collaboration between London based designers MickaÎl Charbonnel and Chris Vanstone, graduates from Central Saint Martins. 'Secure Futures?' and 'Wow - I can't believe it's still dirty!' are online now at

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