Following a Great Tradition

Designing for Lufthansa has always been an honourable task with a touch of national prestige - one need only think of the corporate identity for the airline once developed by Otl Aicher. And the design of the aircraft tableware has always been connected with the great names of design, such as Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Nick Roehricht and Wolfgang Karnagel. This impressive pedigree is now set to include the Offenbach design firm Topel und Pauser with its tableware design "Wing". The stacking pieces, each manufactured from a single piece of plastic, and the matching tray display a moderately soft use of form and a series of well thought-out details that take the special conditions of use into account - a balancing act between material economy, stability and good handling, the result of a two-year development phase. The most important design stipulation was economy in the various catering processes, which today are calculated so precisely that, when it came to designing the tray, every millimetre had to be fought for.

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