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"Inpaku" is the nickname for an Internet Fair 2001 Japan that have been held
untill December 31, 2001. It is a net exposition where anybody, including
central governments, local governments, private corporations, NPOs, and
individuals can establish and run what is called a web site pavilion to
introduce interesting events. Now 477 specific websites are organized for
this event. Much of them are not so interesting, but some are worth
checking. "Mid-Tokyo Maps", that is the Mori Building Co., Ltd.'s "Inpaku"
pavilion is one of the most popular website in this event. This website
presents a variety of unique internet-based maps that explore mid-town
Tokyo, including the Live webcams. It compares Tokyo and the other world
cities form many points of view, such as "How big?" or "How tall?" or
"Which city is the best for International Conventions?". All maps with
statistical trends of each cities, are interactive and easy to understand.


Sampling Furniture

In Tokyo, there are many recycle shops sells used products of Sony or Muji.
It's difficult to dig your favorite products up from enormous amount of
stock. But at D&DEPARTMENT, it's easy. In this "Design Recycle Shop", buyers
search around recycle shops in Tokyo and select good-looking products,
then sell them at their webshop. New goods are added every saturday, some
products are sold out in a minute. They have succeeded and now, set up a big
space in Okuzawa, Tokyo.
"Sampling Furniture" is their new project. They are not satisfied with just
selecting the second-hand products and want to make something new from the
goods they found. They call this work "sampling" not "design". One of their
sampling products is a stool, that is made from Honeda-motorcycle seat. (Japanese Only)

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