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bottled water is the fastest growing beverage industry
in the world. according to the international bottled
water association (IBWA), sales of bottled water have
increased by 500 percent over the last decade:
1.5 million tons of plastic are used to bottle water every
year, unfortunately the recycling process is messy and
inefficient. plastic bottle recycling has not kept pace
with the dramatic increases in virgin resin polyethylene
terephthalate (PET) sales, particularly for PET bottles.
it's interesting to note how the last imperative in the
ecological triad of reduce / reuse / recycle,
has emerged as the one given prominence.
the consequences of demanding an emphasis on the
first — reduction of consumption and production —
puts one on the path of confrontation with a system which
seeking to function at maximum capacity, not minimum.

last update:
in august 2001 even perrier, world's leading bottle water
company, moved away from the iconic trademark glass
bottle, which for almost 100 years has set the design standard
in mineral water packaging. the company launched
a 50cl format in PET plastic.

a close look at the myths about recycling shows they
are being perpetrated less by those committed to ecology
and more by those doing the most damage to the planet.
plastics recycling only minimally reduces the amount of virgin
resources used to make plastics.
recycled plastic is a small percentage of what is manufactured
and the amount is actually decreasing!
even those active in administering recycling programs
have come to recognize, for instance, that plastics
consumption is actually encouraged by recycling!

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