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Veronica Andrade Brauer:
Design, Gold-Silverwork, Jewels, Sculpture and Art

Nicholas Habraken, in the University of Massachusetts, made a clear distinction between products created by men and designed objects. In order to create this last one it is necessary to travel a road of search, which has intermediate stages of reflex ion and representation, until the object is finally produced. It instantly becomes part of the life of the owner, and takes over the space that has been designated for it. This is the major difference between design and crafts.

Sometimes we tend to think or classify things as if they had been created with the same patterns. There is a major difference between her work and the work of a craftsman (in the field of gold-silverwork). The artisan usually inherits and copies forms, with some dexterity, but he makes none or very little use of creativity. Meanwhile Veronica’s jewelry goes way beyond the dexterity of the techniques in gold-silverwork. Anyway she dominates them and uses them with solvency and with much sophisticated resources, for reaching a higher level of expression and subtle use of shape, technique, work of metals and stones.

Veronica’s jewels reach what Habraken states as the fundamental characteristic of the designed object. Which tells objects are able to break away from the process in which they were made and from their creator, in order to claim their own space and to belong to whoever possesses them. Therefore we can say that they have acquired an independent life and they
are the creators of their own surroundings. Her products are useful, beautiful and valuable for themselves, rather than for the value of the materials used in them.

When people see Veronica’s jewels, they always ask if they could be made in a bigger scale, such as to become a sculpture. It happens because her little objects have the characteristics of sculptures: they are created thinking in the space that surrounds them and the one they create. The plenty and the emptiness; the juxtaposition and the tension of the elements that compose them, confer them characteristics only found in sculpture. As a matter of fact we can see a great influence of Veronica’s ancestor in her work, due to the fact they were artists as well.

Being a good artisan and designer sets the basis for being a great silversmith. If we add the fact that there is a natural creative skill and pure sensibility in the use of materials, metals and stones, we can see that the jewels stop being just simple jewels and they become works of art. The jewels designed and made by Veronica Andrade Brauer, are more than jewels, they are small pieces of art in design.

Text: Mauricio Moreno Vintimilla, Translation: Nuria Moya. Read the complete
Spanish version at


Multipurpose wall lamp
Raúl Guarderas

" The imagination is the kite that can be flown the highest" Lauren Bacall It is a lamp of simple manufacture and assembly. Made of steel lamina and tube. The perforations and cuts allow a post-forming. That follows the path in which the plane surface has been perforated, and therefore the lamina acquires a stiff surface. This creates different beams of light. There can be direct beams of light for the employment in work areas, or indirect ones by using a source of 50W of small fuze E14. The cable exerts friction in the pleats of the tube forming an " L " which leads the lamp screen to the desired position, or allows through manual movement, to raise or to lower 90 cm the screen or source, according to its use. It can also be pivoted in a rank of 180 degrees. /


First National Logo Contest summoned by the ADG

The Association of graphical Designers in Ecuador made the First National Logo Contest. The ADG received excellent design projects, as well as the participation of designers from the most important cities of the country.
Therefore rewards were given to the best works, which belonged to designers from all over the country. One of the main achievements of the contest was that it showed that there is a good design in Ecuador, and that there exists
individual efforts to show this is a reality. Nevertheless it is necessary that events like this continue to take place in order to motivate, expose and promote the work made in Ecuador./

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