Melbourne hosts this year's interior design exhibition, interiordesignex 2001 from May 3-6.

Feature events of this annual event are Rooms on View; DesignLab, ShopFit, Lightex and Dulux Colour Awards, as well as the international seminar series.

Rooms on View carries on a tradition established in the 50s where prominent designers like Marion Hall Best and Gordon Andrews would design a 'room' for display in a leading Department Store in Sydney and Melbourne. The ROV is theme based, this year's being 'Naked'. Seven designers/firms are asked to prepare concept rooms.

Local and international speakers include Jo-an Jenkins, UK; Corbett Lyons, Melbourne; Carl Pickering, Italy; Tom Dixon, UK; and Thomas Sandell, Sweden.

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the canberra house

Some design websites hit the mark perfectly. This is one: The Canberra House . Like a lot of 'designed' cities, Canberra, Australia's National Capital, suffers from not having developed of its own accord, but being born out of a percieved need to construct a city. This site shows that after 80 years the city is developing its own aesthetic. Houses from the 30s through to contemporary are displayed and discussed in reference to their architectural styles. Major Australian architects like Sydney Ancher, Robin Boyd, Roy Grounds, and Harry Seidler are represented in Canberra, a place where architecture was always a part of its fabric, since the original towns plans were laid by Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney.

ar #075

One of Australia's prestige Architectural Journals, ar [Architectural Review] is 75 issues old. The magazine has recently undergone a re-design which builds on change in look in 1997. The magazine reviews local and international architecture, with a regular feature on modernist architecture in Australia. It looks to the experimental, like the Lyons exhibit at last year's Venice Bienale to, in the current issue, the collaboration between Paris architectural firm dECOi and the School of Architecture and Building at Deakin University, Victoria to construct the AgisHyposurface©, an interactive architectural surface.

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