And Small to Boot

Mercedes-Benz has developed both a mountain bike and a street bike in time for the holiday season. What makes them so special is that they can be folded twice and stored in the kind of travel case ordinarily used by business travellers to prevent their suits getting crumpled during transport. Two coupling systems form the crucial element of the folding mechanism. With the aid of the coupling in the centre of the frame, the rear wheel can be folded forwards. The second coupling is patented and enables the two halves of the handlebars to be folded down. If you then remove the front wheel with the quick-release axle and fold in the pedals, the folding bike becomes so small that it could be permanently stored in the boot of a car - always at the ready for spontaneous fitness jaunts or in case you find yourself stuck in an interminable traffic jam yet again. pt

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The constant companion from
Mercedes-Benz: the double folding
mechanism makes it extremely space-
saving and nevertheless torsionally rigid

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