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milan furniture fair 2001!
this year's issue of 'i saloni' (the fair) and the 'fourisalone'
(the off site events) was a 'kermess' dedicated to design, fashion and art.
manufacturers have seen a significant increase in visitors and orders and
designers were happy (?) to finally take part of the starsystem.
among the events -
fashion designers on the front row : pucci for cappellini,
roberto cavalli for poltrona frau, ...
furniture items designed by artists: john maeda for sawaya & moroni, ...
artshows: ron arad at the galleria gio marconi,
armani arte showed 'h()me'- rubber sculptures by the italian artist loris cecchini,
in the city 'karawanserei', a mobile project by otto fröhlich.
young newcomers were sponsored by international style-magazines:
'urban addition' / wallpaper magazine in partnership with hogan exhibited a
three-storey dwelling in a simulated urban setting,
the californian magazine 'surface' rounded up 'ten avant garde' industrial designers
and mounted an off-site showcase to offer a venue for new american design talent,
for the second time the award ceremony for the 'design talent of the year'
of the german design magazine 'design report' was held at the salone sattelite...

world press photo at the galleria carla sozzani in milan
10 - 27 may 2001
world press photo is known for organizing the world's largest and most
prestigious annual press photography contest ( partecipation of
3.938 photographers from 121 countries - total 42.321 images ).
since its foundation in the netherlands in 1955, world press photo
has evolved into an independent platform of photojournalism and the
free exchange of information.
Its main aim: to support and promote the work of professional press
photographers internationally.
the annual exhibition will travel this year to over 70 places around the world.

enrico castellani at the fondazione prada, milan
26 april - 14 june 2001
curated by germano celant,
the exhibition has been organized in collaboration with the artist
and contains about seventy works from public and private collections
both in Italy and abroad to offer an in-depth account of castellani's work.
castellani was, during the 1960s, one of the first artists in Italy who sought
to develop a new line of research in which elements such as space, light
and time played a leading role.
although he was working within the ambit of the two-dimensional, in this
work the artist shifted the focus of attention to the surface structured so as
to create a space for expansion in which volume and void, concave and convex,
positive and negative, and light and shade alternated.
together with alberto burri's 'sacks', fontana's 'slashes' and manzoni's 'achromes',
the surfaces in relief constitute one of the most outstanding stylistic developments -
diverse articulation of the monochrome surface in space: thus he made shaped
and corner canvases, and diptychs and triptychs, projecting three-dimensionally.
at present the artist lives and works at celleno (viterbo).

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'hi bruce' a neon chandelier by ingo maurer, 2001

lara jo regan, 'the uncounted:
an immigrant family from mexico at home, texas'
world press photo of the year 2000

'superficie angolare rossa' 1961
© enrico castellani
courtesy archivio castellani
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