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Liz Cárdenas :  Ecuadorian vanguard fashion

        Eclectic, exotic, provocative and sensual are characteristics that belong  to this collection. Nevertheless, it still has an ingenuous and versatile touch. Each particle  of the collection irradiates a natural self  confidence, resembling he, who knows what he wants.  It  is loaded with internationality and memory. Neutral is exactly what Liz Cárdenas is not.
She is a young and talented Ecuadorian designer, that after participating in shows throughout America,  is  becoming one of the most important fashion designers of the region.
        She is not neutral, because her work not only resembles different shapes; but an urban and eclectic form of live, that is a truthful reflection of our times. Liz explores the natural conditions of the materials she works with. Aided by her prodigious imagination, she nourishes a great variety of pieces.  The Organza, the silk, and the leather are used with such harmony,
that once finished  it seems they were created to become the second skin of the body. She shows things when they have to be shown.  It is now when transparencies take over the body, going a step toward the  provocation and
the placidity of the nude skin.  When this lightness materializes, it tells us that a beautiful fashion creation can be a pure art worshiper of the body that wears it. Liz makes no sex distinctions.  Usually male clothes are more clod and moderate, but Liz uses the same language for them as for the other pieces; giving an answer to a necessity of expression that has always been
too limited.  This is one of Liz´s strengths, due to the fact that her proposal charmed places that were used to provocation. Liz fashion is made for enjoyment, it belongs to our time, it is creativity, talent and expression. It is founded in intuition, and is made for the young freedom of expression.
        Color is a support for the prodigious embroidery, where the ecuadorian artisan tradition is highlighted. The ¨Sagrado Corazón de Jesus¨ (Jesus sacred heart) is embroidered over alpaca or over ethereal dresses of red and black silk, that create a new style. Belts, shirts and jackets with playful or dramatic hearts distinguish and accompany her creations.  Her creations
call up your attention, buy they don´t pretend to show a theatrical glamour. Liz work is high fashion design, with style of her own, promising and with an universal projection. Her clothes carry a clear and direct language. They make daily life a feast, routine an explosion, and they make out of discretion a memory. They are there and they force you to look at them, to
admire them, to begin the dream of expression, and to start the unstoppable search for identity and unique style.
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Fruto Vivas and the Venezuelan flower in Hannover

        Always an encounter  with Fruto Vivas is exciting.  It is an opportunity to meditate about  important aspects  of architecture and  life.  In the offices of Trama in Quito, he told us some details about one of his latest and more transcendental works. Once finished the Universal Exposition of Hannover it was wonderful to know that after Germany´s Pavilion, the most visited one was the Venezuelan Pavilion.  The designer of the Venezuelan Pavilion was Fruto Vivas.  The idea for the Venezuelan Pavilion arised from the  subject of the Expo, ¨nature¨.  The Venezuelan orchid, national,
gorgeous flower, with intense  pink petals losing themselves in the whiteness,  inspired the creation of the Pavilion.  It is a grand structure in movement under the influence of the nature, the sun, the wind, and the cold.  The Pavilion is sensible as a living organism, it changes, it surprises us, and it is beautiful.  When the Venezuelan president  gave this challenging  assignment to Fruto Vivas, he knew it would be a race against time and that he would have to look for technology to help him.   Who would be able to make such a peculiar structure? Fruto first looked for help in Barcelona, but his search  took him to the magnificent Frei Otto, where he showed Otto the scale model of this innovating idea of the XXI century.
Otto decided to add himself to the challenge, they discussed alternatives, and established parameters.  Fruto Vivas returned to Venezuela, where he elaborated the final plans to take them back to Germany.  The work  was
presented after the inauguration  of the Exposition, and Fruto very generously allowed Otto to push the button that gave life to this great structure.  The movement brought the flower to life, making its petals raise and close again, conforming diverse angles of the orchid.
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