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The situation of women. Madrid exhibition of youg creatives

The situation for today´s woman is the subject of an exhibition of different graphic work, mainly in photographic form, at the Centro Cultural Conde Duque de Madrid.

The exhibit includes abundant examples of young Spanish values. A total of 20 photographers are showing work and are also candidates for the Premio Mujer y Sociedad 2001 (Woman and Society Prize 2001), awarded annually by the Ministry for Culture.

Creative journey. Exhibition on Le Corbusier in Galicia shows 25 of his architectures

The Auditorium of Galicia, in Santiago de Compostela, is holding an ambitious exhibition on Swiss architect Le Corbusier, entitled "Journey into the world of a creator through 25 architectures". The exhibit includes a graphic reconstruction of some of his best-known projects, together with photographic and audio-visual records and a set of analytical models that helped Le Corbusier´s associates to understand his revolutionary ideas.

Design without frontiers. "Design and Mobility" at Massana School.

One of the main challenges faced by design is that of reaching as many people as possible, including those who suffer from disabilities. In recent years we have witnessed a number of changes in cities, which have been visibly transformed to allow the disabled to move around more freely. As part of Design Spring the Massana School (C/ Hospital, 56, Barcelona) is devoting an exhibition to this discipline, form 22nd May onwards, called "Design and Mobility". The twenty exhibits are ideas for the continued elimination of architectural barriers on our cities.

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