controversy around sydney's new museum of contemporary art

The Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art is situated on the West Circular Quay, opposite Utzon's Sydney Opera House. It's a very sensitive area and controversy often accompanies and changes to the built environment in the area. The last few years have seen protests about the 'Toaster' buildings which have been built on the same side as the Opera House, some have demanded the demolition of the buildings.

So the new design for the Museum of Contemporary Art building draws a lot of attention. The issue is the demolition of the current Art Deco maritime services building; and the loss of public space on the Quay.

Architects Louisa Hutton and Matthias Sauerbruch won the commission for the new building. All entrants were asked to submit designs that both retained the existing building and replaced it.

The design is intended to increase the footprint of the building to accommodate office space which would in turn fund the operation of the MCA and to house the Museum of the Moving Image. the winning designs can be viewed at [new vision].

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