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2001 International Industrial Design Forum, Beijing

2001 Tsinghua International Industrial Design Forum and the National Industrial Design Teaching Seminar are to be held from Jun 3 to 5 at the Fine Arts Academy of Tsinghua University, Beijing. With the aid of grand ceremony of the 90th universary of Tsinghua University, "the International Arts and Science" debate and the spectacular event of the exhibition, this seminar will be a magnificent meeting between the design circles and the design education field both chinese and abroad. Meanwhile, we hope to exchange ideas with all universities and the design circles throughout the country in the new style, with new perspective and concept to explore the design education and its future development, and to promote the Chinese industrial design.

2001 Asia Graphics Awards

Bringing together the whole of Asia and recognising the crucial role that design plays at the core of all creativity, the inaugural Asia Graphics Awards 2001 will bring recognition to excellence in graphic design across the region.

The Asia Graphics Awards with the theme "Reach for the Sky" - will be one of the most dramatic industry events of 2001 as it will attract worldwide attention and is sure to elevate the status of Asia and its creativity to new heights.

"Reach for the Sky" reflects the nature of the design industry - always striving for new heights, always looking for a point of difference. Even in this age of the Internet, media Magazine believes it is time to renew the focus on design as it is the core creative skill at the heart of the communications industry.

Work from China, Hong Kong, India, Indochina, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, will be judged by a panel of top regional and international judges.

Winners will be announced at the presentation ceremony for the Asia Graphics Awards on Friday, October 19, 2001 in Shanghai.

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