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nuclear power design

the anti-nuclear sentiment in europe,
nagging doubts about safety and the enviroment were destined,
it seemed, to doom nuclear power to the dustbin of history.
but this year looks the brightest in 25 years for nuclear power.

president george bush unveiled his national energy strategy.
the most notable feature of this new plan will be its strong support
for nuclear power.
in his presentation, president bush stated the nation must conserve
energy, diversify energy sources, and provide a comprehensive
delivery system for electricity. nuclear power was listed among the
energy alternatives as a safe resource that does not polllute the air,
is produced at a reasonable cost and emits no greenhouse gas.
the complete 170-page report is located at

bush wants to sew new plants, this could mean a lot of work for us -designers - too.
here's a guide to nuclear power design.

----- trademarks

vitamin and nucleic acid supplements.
operation of a business which develops joint marketing concepts
for companies having the same marketing focus and which
introduces those companies to each other for the purpose of exploiting
the joint marketing concepts so developed.
the legendary 'mutual of omaha' case :
'mutual of omaha insurance company' held 35 year old trademark registrations
for its insurance services and for the 'mutual of omaha's wild kingdom' television
show it sponsored. the marks included a well-known indian head logo.
the defendant, a designer, created a line of products such as coffee mugs,
buttons, caps, sweatshirts and tee shirts with the term 'mutant of omaha',
a profile of an emaciated human head wearing an indian war bonnet and
the words 'nuclear holocaust insurance', or bearing the words 'mutant kingdom' or
'mutant of omaha's mutant kingdom'.
based in part on survey evidence, the court found a likelihood of confusion
among consumers that the products were in fact approved or authorized by
'mutual of omaha' as a statement against nuclear weapons.
the court held that there could indeed be confusion that 'mutual of omaha'
was behind the anti-nuclear protest.
the parody aspect of the message was insufficient to overcome a likelihood
of confusion.

----- logos
durable and aesthetic trademarks are of great commercial
value today. in commerce the trademark is a language
understood by all. it can traverse national boundaries and
is intelligible to an italian, american as it is to a japanese.
in its small way, the trademark demonstrates the possibilities
not only of a universal language but, more important,
of universal understanding.
a good designer should know the company and its products,
but he must be allowed the artistic freedom necessary to keep
his work from becoming stiff and lifeless.

----- computer graphics
using computers to make graphics that make you go wow.
requires a good math foundation.
this stuff can definitely blow your hair back.

----- fashion
basically put, there's a lot of energy in them there atoms.
physicists discovered how to get that energy out.
lots of electricity and lots of radioactive waste,
the main danger of nuclear power is radiation -
a new market for haute couture safety goods and nukers
ready-to-wear collection.
don't worry, fashion used to be designing clothes to
compliment bodies, but fashion has always been,
in its extreme forms, uncomfortable and unnatural looking,
even unhealthy.

----- architecture
real architecture has more to do with philosophy and psychology
than it does with construction. architects should be concerened with
manipulating the human experience.
they should always question how their work influences reality.
there is a need for universal contemporary symbols -
the world consumption of energy is going up, consider the current total
population of the planet. we're already over six billion ...

----- photography
special effects are a prerequisite for a cool shot.
it ranges from the simple snapshot which has little value
except to the photographer, all the way to the fine art
or photojournalism shot that brings up powerful
thoughts and emotions in everyone who sees it.

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illustration of an idyllic nuclear plant
punta fiume, caserta, italy, 1962

inter nuclear s.a.
brussels, belgium

cool graphics -
nuke worker safety goods

the 'atomium'
(enlargement: x)
expo 1958, brussels

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