SOURCE : please urinate here.
It will be a piece of public art designed
to internalize and assimilate vandalism.

A work that obtained a special mention in the Contest ¨ La Realización de
la Utopía´.

In our city there are thousands of places that have being turned into
public urinals. It is unbelievable how each corner, tree, or light post is
transformed into an urinal and sometimes into something worse. . .
The most respect places in Quito do not escape from this practice. It can be
outside a temple, or next to the Governmental Palace, when you suddenly pass
by a dense smell, with a strong impregnation of urea that forces you to
change your route, for not being literally asphyxiated.
This is a generalized custom. Children, young people, adults, and specially
drunk people, without the slightest sign of shyness and in a virile action
they move their legs closer to their objective, withdraw their fly, urinate
abundantly, and then shake their member, or move in a signal of having
pleasantly culminated their vital necessity. This fills with astonishment
and disgust the citizen who unfortunately watched the show.
It is incredible to see that this repeats once and again next to public
baths, or sanitary units installed by the municipality. It might appear to
be a rebellious act, or even a subliminal message. campaigns
have obtained very little, and almost none achievements. People say, ¨It
happens even in the best families¨. It is tender to see the signboards
placed by the owners outside their shops saying, ¨Please do not urinate
Living in these conditions, shouldn´t we assume our reality and create an
element that wouldn´t elude the problem? The element would become part of
the city, turning into one more object in the urban landscape.
¨If I were drunk, and I would want to urinate, I would never pay 10 cents to
get in a plastic box¨ . For men in Quito to urinate is not a private act.
Therefore this element will register and concentrate the non-legitimized
actions in the public space: graphites, posters, wastes... It will be a
piece of public art designed to internalize and assimilate vandalism.

Translation: Nuria Moya/ Full text at

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