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Galeria bd

bd presents versatile designer Martí Guixé in Madrid

Martí Guixé is one of the clearest examples of the designer-cum-artist, or vice-versa. His work is known in Catalonia, Holland, Italy, Germany, United States, etc. and bd has now brought him to Madrid. Born in 1964, he divides his time between Barcelona and Berlin. In 1985 he won the INFAD interior design medal and in 1999, the City of Barcelona Design Prize. He is also the creator/ inventor of shoe manufacturer Camper’s stores in London, New York and Milan. He is currently working on projects for Vitra, considering designing a restaurant in Barcelona and waiting for a book on his work to come out in Holland. Martí Guixé will be showing his work at bd (Galería bd, Villanueva 5, Madrid) from 11 December to 10 January. An excellent opportunity to savour his unique talent.


Logos and Stationery

Corporate image competition for La Rioja Centre for Integral Design

The Centre for Integral Design in La Rioja, Spain, is in the market for a new corporate image, and the regional government is organising an ideas competition to find a project that will satisfy the organisation’s needs. The winner will receive a cash prize of 6010 Euros and the three runners-up, 1803 Euros. The competition is divided into two phases, the first of which will finish with the presentation of the basic logos on 30 November. The finalists will then be given a further period of time in which to develop the rest of the corporate image. Further information is available from the offices of the La Rioja Regional Government (Comunidad Autónoma de La Rioja).

Gaudí year

Celeste Ediciones publishes "Gaudí for children"

Publishing house Celeste Ediciones has added its contribution to the celebration of Gaudí’s centenary year in the form of the book "Gaudí for children". The book, written and illustrated by Marina García, is designed to be fun. It leads even the youngest reader on a 24-page tour, packed with games and activities, of the complex world of Gaudí. "Gaudí for children" is published in English, Spanish and Catalan and is the latest addition to a collection that already includes Dalí, Picasso o Velázquez.

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