An idea, an innovation

The human being lives in a world littered with objects. These make up and
run our daily life, while men do not stop producing new goods often copied
closely on a definite pattern: larger quantities.

Contemporary design must entail this perception of the object. It dares to
think, transform the object, to imagine it with a liberated view of the
social conformist. The creators have ambition to give an artistic dimension
to the objects which surround us, to soften the frontier between what is
acceptable and what is not. To assume a contemporary design is to seek to
give the object a human and philosophical dimension by affirming that the
object must respect qualities such as ergonomics or comfort as well as the
correlation which ties it to its environment.

The promotion of contemporary design also allows confrontation and exchange
between the creators. It is also, for the user, the possibility to enlarge
his horizon and his acceptance of the difference.

It is in this way that two young people, passionately keen on contemporary
art, have created PANIK. The architect Nicolas Van Eetvelde has been
enriched by this exchange of opinions and artistic research based on the
interactions between the human being and his built environment. At his
side, Pierre-Axel Chabot brings together both his functions as a lawyer and
his attraction for art, which suggest new emotions. Together they wish to
share this infatuation for design.


Pierre-Axel Chabot (lawyer) and Nicolas Van Eetvelde (architect) have
solidified their passion for contemporary design in the creation of PANIK,
which aims at encouraging young creators to promote their talents as seekers
and inventors as well as their abilities to express their perception of the
world and of contemporary values. In this way, their objective is to
contribute actively to putting young designers in contact with professionals
in this area, whether they are inventors, manufacturers, editors or
exhibitors. To achieve this goal, a competition has been organised. Each
participant will present a model or a prototype of an object of contemporary
design intended to the main living room of our homes to a jury of

Members of the jury:
Pierre Lallemand, Carine Bienfait, Xavier Lust, Matali Crasset, Olivier
Gilson, Lydia Kumel

To inscribe yourself and to read more info, visit the website:
Candidates will be accepted until February 1, 2002.

The organizers are at your disposal if you need more info:

- Nicolas Van Eetvelde
Rue Henri Wafelaerts, 17
B-1060 Brussels
Tel. : +32.476.92.74.98

- Pierre-Axel Chabot
Rue des Minimes, 34
B-1000 Brussels
Tel. : +32.477.30.83.45

- Panik
Rue Henri Wafelaerts, 17
B-1060 Brussels
Fax : 02 374 27 07

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