Sometimes Art is just that, sometimes is much more.
Playing and entretainment with Art

In Bogotá, Colombia, there is an architect that is working on a very interesting design proyect: What if an art object will serve not only for your senses but also for your soul and imagination? That is exactly what Jimena Uribe is doing with her new serie "Teatrino de telones®" directed specially for kids but also for parents that like to become part of their son's life. 

A combination of of ancient tradition and new design, made of reciclable wood and recicled paper (because of Jimena's concern about the planet health) and with almost 20 people working together in the proyect, these art elements are now on the news. People is asking how can an art object replace at the same time, toys and decorative objects. Because of the very long wait list, you won't have one of these 2-3 months after your request.

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Functional Bambú and Guadua Art.

Trascending from handcraft, the work of Bambú Diseño workshop is a combination of art and functionallity. Each piece is transformed, by hand, becoming an unique piece of art that can be used as a functional object. Vicente González, the man behind this work, told us that each piece of work has his own life and particularity, preserving the natural forms found in the material (Bambú, Guadua and Coconut) and working on it until becomes part of an unique art object. 

The Bambú Diseño workshop is part of the Colombian Hadcraft Exporters, organization of the Sergio Arboleda university, making possible to find these objects for exportation. You will find objects for office, kitchen or dining room with the  natural feeling of Bambú, Guadua and Coconut.

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