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Calatrava: architecture in movement

Movimiento is the title of Santiago Calatrava's presentation video for his recent investiture as a member of the Real Academia de las Artes de San Fernando. In it he showed the convergence between his work and the rest of the arts. "Movement" is also the word that best describes his web page:

An animation of one of his most famous foldable structures (The Winking Eye) opens this page, designed using Flash, where the titles of the different sections slide into view and disappear again on a black background (Portfolio, Publications, Biography, Offices and News).
The work of this engineer, sculptor and architect, whose principal source of inspiration lies in the shapes and forms of Nature in movement (undulating waves, trees blowing in the wind, flower petals opening...) is divided into categories: bridges, sculptures, public buildings, furniture, foldable structures...
Texts by Calatrava himself, drawings and a large number of high quality photographs document each of his creations around the world; from his earliest work in Switzerland to the famous bridges in Alamillo, Seville and in Bac de Roda in Barcelona.
The public building section is particularly interesting. Using Quick Time, visitors can view the model of the controversial design for the extension of the Reichstag with its dome opening and closing, or the Kuwait Pavilion for the Expo 92.
In addition to becoming a member of the Real Academia de San Fernando, Calatrava recently inaugurated the City of Arts and Science in Valencia (which, without belittling the others, he considers his favourite building: "I have been working on it for more than 10 years. Such an ambitious project in a city whose cultural substrata I know so intimately places me under the obligation of finishing it in the best possible conditions. ") and the new airport terminal at Sondika, Bilbao (nicknamed the dove by the public, as it resembles a bird about to take off).
Both of these buildings are splendidly documented in the City of Arts and Science of Valencia official web page ( and at the Association for the Revitalisation of Metropolitan Bilbao web site (


The AEDP awards

The revolutionary Imac computer by Apple Computer Inc., work of the Apple Design Team; the film poster for Almodóvar's All about my mother, designed by Óscar Mariné for the production company El Deseo and the visual identity for Simple Informática, by Manuel Estrada, are some of the design and image projects of 1998 and 1999 that received most votes from the members of the AEPD ( Spanish Association of Design Professionals). In this seventh edition of the awards, graphic designer Daniel Gil received a special prize for his " enormous talent and human qualities", a new category of AEDP award. Other winning designs were the poster for the Joan Brossa tribute, also designed by Manuel Estrada; the continuity sequences for Summer 1998 by Isidro Ferrer for Canal+ television; the Nit i Dia sofa-bed by Jorge Pensi for Punt Mobles and the Damián Sánchez team's interior design project for the fashion chain Mango.


Twipsy invades the TV screen

Twipsy, a messenger from cyberspace, Nick, Albert and Lissie are the main characters in a new cartoon series by Estudio Mariscal which began to be included in the programming of all of the regional television channels in November. The adventures of this little gang, made up of Mariscal’s revolutionary mascot and three children who accidentally enter the Net, take place between the real world and cyberspace. As in all good cartoon series, they have to stand up to the "baddies". Twipsy and friends have to face characters like Data-Devourer, Rumor, Rumor! or the feared E-mails Hunters. An outpouring of creativity by Mariscal's team which not only helps to bring children closer to the mysteries of Internet, but also makes them spectators of the view that a cartoon being like Twipsy has of the real world.

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City of Arts and Science of Valencia, by Calatrava

Film poster for Almodóvar's All about my mother, designed by Óscar Mariné

Twipsy, a messenger from cyberspace
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