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keith haring in rome
an exhibition of more than 70 works -- will be on view at the chiostro del bramante
from december 6 through febbruary 28, 2001.

a unique retrospective of keith haring, born may 4, 1958 in kutztown, pennsylvania
and died of aids 1990 on febbruary 16.
the show spans the last 9 years of haring's career, from 1982 to 1990,
his discovery of the thriving urban culture of new york city as an internationally
recognized public artist and social activist and his final days .
the range of art and artifacts on display are almost all from private collections.
from large-scale paintings (11,5 x 3,66 meters) to collections of drawings
including the serie of 22 drawings 'the story of red and blue'.

starting from january 4 in the historic center of rome 8 big sculptures of the artist are
exposed in public squares.

arte povera in turin
6/12/2000 - 25/3/2001 castello di rivoli
museo d'arte contemporanea, turin.

more of less is more -
once again 'arte povera' is the subject of lively discussions
in italy, thanks to this extensive exhibition.
this comprehensive show helps us to understand the
complexity of this artistic phenomenon, born in the middle
of the 60's. major artists: giovanni anselmo, alighiero boetti,
pier paolo calzolari, luciano fabro, jannis kounellis,
mario merz, marisa merz, giulio paolini, giuseppe penone,
gilberto zorio and michelangelo pistoletto, to name but a few.
a room is dedicated to each artist with several installations.

a new book on achille castiglioni

achille castiglioni: design!
was the title of an exhibition at the moma (museum of modern art)
in new york in 1997. the concept was developed by paola antonelli,
curator of the museum's department of architecture and design.
only few people really enjoy reading exhibition wall texts, to catch
people's attention she prefered to use images, the most universal
of all languages, instead of much-dreaded curatorial texts.
so she called her friend steven guarnaccia, illustrator and designer,
to draw a picture for almost each of the 120 objects on show.
his witty illustrations condensed in a few knowing lines the design
story behind each object.
achille castiglioni / a book document edited by corraini editori.
see the presentation of the book at the giorgio armani shopping center
in milan, see achille and friends:

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'the story of red and blue', 1989
© keith haring

'catasta', 1966
© alighiero boetti

achille castiglioni
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