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Youthful and fertile creativity
Competitive Design Network (CDN) was founded by Antoni Flores
and Alvaro Quintanilla in 1990. Its team of industrial designers,
engineers and other professionals has developed some 720 products
over the last ten years, for both Spanish and international industry.

With branches in Paris, Oporto and Barcelona, CDN has designed
products for multinationals such as IBM, BRAUN, Steelcase Strafor,
Roca, Hewlett Packard, Indra, Alital, Biplax and Vilagrasa, among others.
Their offices produce a wide range of designs for office furniture,
computers, tool machines, toys, gardening products,
electrical appliances, etc.

The services the firm offers its clients are also extremely varied, ranging
from consultancy in product innovation to industrial design, mechanical
engineering, purchasing or project management. There are about fifty
members in the team and the average age is, surprisingly, under thirty years old.

When asked how it has been possible to build up a firm like this one from
scratch in only ten years and continue at the head of it, Antonio Flores, 38,
managing director of CDN, laughingly replies, "By hardly thinking about it!"
He continues, "At first it was pretty bad and we blamed it on the crisis of 1993,
but we realised that this couldn’t be so, as we were working a lot. We realised
that the problem was that my partner and I are really bad managers and so we
decided to look for a manager and some highly qualified people."


Return of Primavera del Disseny
The Primavera del Disseny (Spring of Design) returns to Barcelona in the month
of April. This biennial event is jointly organised by the Catalan Government
-through its departments of Culture and of Industry, Commerce and Tourism-
and by the City Council, whilst the Fundación Barcelona Centro de Diseño
runs the permanent secretariat.
The event, which from the first has been a catalyst in the design world, runs
exhibitions and activities of different types which emphasise that Barcelona
is one of the fundamental points of reference on the cultural design scene in Europe.
Primavera del Disseny 2001 will be held from the 18th April until the 21st June.
In charge of this sixth edition is Uli Marchsteiner, designer and exhibition curator
who has worked between Barcelona and Vienna for the past fifteen years.

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In 10 years CDN has
developed about 720 products

Sixth edition of Primavera
del Disseny
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