kawana waters, queensland
gabrielle poole is one of a few queensland [australia] architects who have
drawn on the local vernacular style in their contemporary domestic architecture.
the original 'queenslander' developed out of the colonial farm house -
wide verandahs, set high to catch the breeze and keep the inhabitants out
of the way of the wildlife, was built in wood and corrugated iron.

poole and other architects like lindsey clare and john mainwaring have
radically re-interpreted the semi-tropical queenslander and found a keen
following for their work. so much so, that gabriel poole has been commissioned
by lensworth-kawana waters, local housing developers, to design the next stage
of the kawana waters. around 8000 units have been planned.

kawana waters started in the late 60s, and marketed as the cool and sophisticated
development of the time. it already has a history of changing house styles designed
by a range of architects. this new stage will allow poole, who already designs an
'off-the-shelf' range of homes, to realize a large and sustainable estate.
hopefully it will also promote more collaborations between architects and developers.

photo: simon and jenny poole house, 1985. photo by marek coowatch
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tall buildings and urban habitat
the 6th world congress on tall buildings will be held in melbourne from
26 feb - 2 march 2001
cities and the third millennium is the theme for the collected architects,
engineers and urban planners to address. apart from technical issues,
the conference will focus on the whole urban environment created by tall buildings.

australian design awards on show
the shortlisted products from the 00/01 australian design awards
will go on show at the sydney powerhouse museum
[] from 26 feb-20 april 2001.
the awards recognize excellence and innovation in australian industrial,
electronic, furniture and product design. works range from hair clippers, to the bongo
chair and the solar sailor.

the solar sailor is an eco-friendly tourism ferry currently operating in sydney.
it features a set of 'wings' that capture the solar power and convert it to battery storage;
wind and lpg power are also combined in the hybrid system. the use of the wings to both
sail and collect solar power is a world first.

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