Box-Office Success

On several occasions Frame has pointed out that working
in a distinctive environment inspires people in the world
of advertising. The underlying thought is that colourful
surroundings accentuate the dynamic of their creations.
The result, however, is sometimes no more than a mishmash
of colours, shapes and styles: an accumulation of ideas without
a coordinating concept. The interior-design group at EGM Architects,
a Dutch firm based in Dordrecht, neatly skirted this pitfall in its
project for the Comm’pas Advertising Agency in Oosterhout.
Led by Erik de Vrijer, Jan Paul de Ridder and Mart van der Meer,
the team pulled off a simple but effective intervention that
transformed two floors of a bland, industrial-zone building
into working quarters for at least 12 people. EGM brought
both order and vitality into the otherwise sober space by
introducing a remarkable box that efficiently accommodates
all major functions, including archives and other resource material.
With the name and address of the company boldly inscribed
across its outer surface, the box is the agency’s calling card,
both literally and figuratively. The colour yellow is a reference
to the company logo. Incorporated into both floors, the box has
no openings other than those needed for access.
The large, uninterrupted space thus created features meeting
areas, workstations and cafeteria, all of which revolve around
a yellow pivot. Long sightlines and an abundance of glass
emphasise the open character of the 500-square-metre space,
a definition that also applies to the ad agency.

Robert Thiemann

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