An exhibition in Prague and a new web site allow us to discover the
different aspects of design from the south of Belgium.

The French Community of Wallonia-Brussels distinguishes itself by gathering
on its territory a whole group of designers with very different profiles.
Some are impassioned by noble materials and cherish true artisanal values.
For them, it is a question of issuing limited series by using artistic
Woodworkers or blacksmiths create and manufacture pieces of furniture and
objects for the pure pleasure of the collectors. Others live in a world of
technology and virtual communication. They draw and design with the use of
computers, and their design is an immediate result of advanced techniques.
With the assistance of engineers, Pol Quadens drew and produced the lightest
chair in the world. It is made out of carbon fibre and weighs a little less
than 1 kg.
Others still possess the art of showing us that sometimes these two types of
creation can meet and merge. The state-of-the-art technique joins the
artisanal perfection or the other way round. Ola Dele Kuku's " Teatro dell'
archivio ", first prize in 1995 at the International Nagoya Competition,
forms a perfect illustration.
These pieces of furniture and objects, the simultaneous result of a 3D
creation and the artisanal know-how, characterize the design landscape of
our community. It is the synthesis of this creation, made up of talents and
versatile skills, that is the subject of this exhibition.

Martine Boucher

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