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2000 International Design Heavyweight results
November 8, 2000
Just in time for the final Y2K bash! CORE announces it's Y2K for 2G contest
- and sets off a frenzy of activity as designers worldwide scramble to get their
entries in as the final days of the year 2K slip away.
December 15, 2000
The judges have ruled - all appeals are exhausted and a bipartisan commitee
has declared the winner. CORE is proud to present the winner and finalists,
and extends a hearty congratulations to all who entered!
January 19, 2001
So check it out: We've got the winners, judges,
party pics, a people's choice award,
battling champions, and a little story about it all.
Start right here!!!:


No More Fake I.D., José
In Venezuela, where 4 million wait for official identification papers, a 228 million dollar
contract was awarded to a group led by Hyundai. The South Korean corporation,
known for their easily identifiable bargain cars, will have to come up with a completely
new national identification system for Venezuelan naturals, immigrants and transitory workers.

Plenty of designing needs there, from the actual carrying cards or forehead barcodes to
the computerized machines to read them. But this isn't so hard: back in college Core Jr.
also lead a consortium to create official (looking) identification system for hundreds of
underage dorm kids.


Sega Casts Nightmare
Sega Enterprises announced that it will give up its flailing console development efforts
and concentrate on creating more awesome game software.
The producer of innovative video games was never able to reclaim the success of the
Genesis console from a decade ago: its "Saturn" was a dismal flop and "Dreamcast" sales,
even at bargain rates, continue to plummet. Now they're looking to liquidate their console
inventory (under a hundred bucks each) and make their cool games usable on competitors'
systems, like PlayStation, Nintendo, or even Microsoft's soon-to-be-released "X-Box".
They're even threatening to make more on-line games, palm pilot games
(still hate the way that sounds) and, naturally, cell-phone games.
Maybe Ford should have gone this route, put their engines and SUV technology
into good ol' non-rolling, non-exploding Hyundai bodies.


Big Bucks Bet By Bad-Ballot Busters
The US Senate sponsored an electronics fair for vendors of high tech voting systems,
part of bipartisan legislation proposals offering billions of dollars for massive
improvement of American voting practices. This is spurred by the uproar over last
year's presidential election, when dead felons and pets cast multiple votes, votes
that then weren't even counted properly. Opportunities abound for those who can
design out of the ballot box, like Hart Intercivic, whose "election solutions provider
is a polycarbonate display over a full color screen." Computerizing the system should

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