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a book on art and design written by enzo mari

progetto e passione (project and passion), january 2001
bollati boringhieri editore (e-mail:
in italian only

this essay has been written by mari during the summer-holidays
of the last 7 years. (mari is obsessed by his work/ in august his family
want to travel and have a rest with him, but having leisuretime makes
him happy only the first week, then again he has to work on something).
this ambitous book spans the last years of mari's thoughts on art and
design.the structure of this book (as his design work), reflects his attitude
to simplify: he frequently uses metaphors to explain complex theories
and creates a fictive dialogue between a student and his teacher
(mari himself). 'a project / the product is an allegory of a better world'
he theorizes.


a book on original patents of italian design

brevetti del design italiano 1946-1965
by giampiero bosoni, francesca picchi,
marco strina and nicola zanardi
edited by electa /
in italian and english

the quality of the patent requests collection
represents a valuable source for research.
after 20 years, the collections of italian industrial
model patents of the central state archive,
ranging from the end of the world war II to the
economic boom of the sixties,
has finally become available to researchers.
for more info see


an exhibition of works by philippe starck in milan

'philippe starck: antologia-attualità 1985-2001'
design objects of the last 15 years created by philippe starck
for driade are exhibited at 'da driade' in the via manzoni 30
in milan from 19 january to 19 march 2001.

phillipe starck, born in paris 1949, is the son of an aircraft
designer, he has inherited his fathers love of technology
and penchant for futuristic desig. he is the best known
french designer, as well as one of the most prolific.
as an interior designer, he first attracted notice in the
mid 1970s with two paris nightclubs, la main bleue and
les bains-douches, and was commissioned to decorate and
furnish president mitterand's private apartment in the elysée
palace in 1982. these were precursors of the café costes,
in turn the inspirational prototype for later designs like the
paramount hotel in new york, the manin restaurant in tokyo
and the felix restaurant in hong kong.
his collaboration with driade as a furniture and furnishings
designer began in the early 1980s.

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enzo mari

patent by superga

philippe starck
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