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New Gaudí

Reus to build chapel from Antoni Gaudí design

The city of Reus in Catalonia is to have a new chapel, designed by Antoni Gaudí. The little-known design by this famous architect was to have been built in Mexico in aid of a Franciscan mission. The chapel will be dedicated to the Assumption and will be 30 metres high. The design has all the typical Gaudí ingredients – smooth, rounded forms, mosaics and floral ornaments. For now, the project is only at approval stage as there is, as yet, no construction schedule.


Delta Awards

Three Fundició Dúctil Benito products selected by ADI FAD

The Association for Industrial Design and the Promotion of Decorative Arts (ADI FAD) selected three products by Fundició Dúctil Benito for the recent Delta Awards. The items in question were the Sacharoff litter bin, designed by Enric Pericas, Maria Luisa Aguado, Marta Gabàs and Carles Casamor; the Belluga litter bin by Rafael Moneo and the Brico tree protector, by Marta Gabàs and Carles Casamor. All three items of street furniture are a combination of tough, resistant materials and elegant design. In order to continue playing an important part in the world of design in Spain, Fundició Dúctil Benito has renewed its agreement with the FAD.



Exhibition of Du Pont competition finalists

Safety is the common denominator among the twenty or so objects on display at the Escuela Massana in Barcelona, as part of Imagineering. The projects shown are the finalists in a competition sponsored by the Du Pont, the leading engineering polymers firm. The competition has rewarded designers who have succeeded in combining creativity and technology. The winner, out of 1,000 participants, is a safety plug designed to prevent children from accidentally electrocuting themselves. The piece is by Marc Guitart, Roman Pueyo and Manne Kuva, who are, in fact, students at the Escuela Massana. The exhibit remains open until 9th May.


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