gordon andrews, versatile designer on show
mosman art gallery till january 2002

Gordon Andrews is well known in Australian design circles for his immense body of work. He came to public attention in 1966 when he was commissioned to redesign the currency. But had been active in interior, furniture and graphic design before that.
Andrews is the subject of an exhibition, Celebrating Australia: identity by design, which has been on show in New York at the Australian Consulate-General and is now back at the Mosman Art Gallery []. The exhibition was organized by the Powerhouse Museum which owns an extensive collection of Andrew's own archives []


douglas annand, works on paper
national gallery of australia, till january 2002

Annand was a contemporary of Gordon Andrews who had been very active in developing an image of Australia in the 1940s. Like Andrews, he was across a number of art and design media. In this exhibition his works on paper are on display. the collection is from the National Gallery of Australia's print archives
Annand and other notable Australian artists were supported by Sydney publisher Sidney Ure Smith who published Art in Australia at the time.


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