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A Little Goofy Trend
About a year ago Core first noticed a micro, mini bike called "The Robin," by Tsunoda Bob Bikes. Now, we're seeing the trend explode. Huffy Bicyle Corp. ( ) has been quick to take up the slack left by Wysco suddenly removing their chainguard-less, brake-less "Runt" from the market. Huffy has let loose with their own line of Micro "Monkey" bikes.

There seems to be a bit, ahem, underfoot, as we see a craze in the making, from mini-pedal power to mini-electric motor power to the ultimate, mini-Harley power. An honest reaction to help eliminate gas guzzling, sky-high emissions ratings or just Amazon-envy coming out in the best of us? "Oooh, riding on your bike makes me feel so BIG!!!"

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By the Hands of Mighty, Mighty, Mini-Zeus

Last month, doctors in New York operated on the gall-bladder of a patient in France by remote control, sending the signal via high speed connections to a new robotic surgical system from Computer Motion called Zeus.

There's some professional credence for all the hours of joystick practice by the youngsters of our video game generation

Another Pregnant CHAD: Pregnant with Ideas, That Is.

The first charter high school (for children aged 12 to 18 years) for architecture and design (CHAD - in the U.S. is fully in the swing of its second year. Although only just opened at the beginning of the 2000 school year, CHAD has already had such stellar guests as Ayse Birsel and David Macauley. In downtown Philadelphia's historic district, CHAD is a tuition-free, independent public high school, grades 9 through 12. They take students who have an interest in architecture and design, and give them a challenging curriculum thoroughly infused with art, architecture and design studios each day. Core applauds the efforts of these educators to introduce and encourage their youth in real professions that actually use their artistic leanings. Gosh, DAILY art/design studio time? Core jr. remembers having to cut English almost daily just to get down to the art room for a little clay-mation fix.

Kobe2, Style0

"I dream of creating something inspirational, something classy, the more you look at it the better it gets" - Kobe Bryant of the Lakers on the Adidas website.

Last time we heard from Kobe, he had Adidas commission Derek Jenkins, the designer of the Audi TT Coupe, to make his new shoes.


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