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The First China Computer Art Design Show held in Nanjing

China's First International Computer Art Design, sponsored by China Paintists Association, was celebrated in Nanjing International Exhibition Center on Nov.23-25.
One of the subjects was the show of over 300 selected works out of computer art design competition, which were created in more than 300 domestic universities, colleges and design companies so on.
Another highlight was the two-day China Computer Art Forum. At the meeting, the experts and scholars of China Central Fine Art Academy, the fine art college of Tsinghuan University
and Japan Digital Association as well as the representatives from the international and domestic design field, art line and some famous enterprises, had debated and explored the application
prospect of world computer art design on theme of ' Sciernce, Economy and Art', and they analyzed and evaluated the world classic computer art

2001-2002 Annual Intel-Digital Creation Competition
The 2001-2002 Annual Intel-Digital Competition is to collect and judge the
two types of works at the aim of digital films and digital images
repectively., and all the awarded works is going to be displayed at ceremony
of the "2001-2002 Annual Intel-digital Creation Compettion Award". In order
to show more and better works of digital films and digital images, Intel
(China) Co.Ltd. plans to gather the classic works of digital films and
digital images all over the world and then exhibit them at this competition.
It will be the most professional and authorative event in China digital and media line.

work-collecting period: Dec.7, 2001 to Feb.20, 2002
Judging period: Feb. 21-28, 2002
Awarding ceremony: March 22

Competition definition:
1. Digital fillms: any films taken by digital camera and then processed
through pentium computer, about marriage, humor, birthday and family life
parts andcommercial ads., etc.
2. Digital images: any photos taken by digital camera and processed through
pentium computer, such as pictures of persons, animals, plants photomontage
of several types and e-cards so on.
Exploit your innative abibities, make your own family video and e-album, and
enjoy digital life.

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