Ten Swedish designers turns 30!

The year 2000 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of Ten Swedish Designers.

In 1970 ten young textile artists and designers joined together when they experienced
that their best design ideas were turned down by the then leading textile firms as "
impossible to sell, too diffictult, non-commercial". Together they formed the group
10 Swedish Designers with the aim of being able to follow and steer the entire
production process themselves, from the initial drawing to the finished fabric in the store.

Over the following years the group 10 Swedish Designers has presented over 30
successful collections with 600 fabrics and wallpapers produced. The group has
had exhibitions at most of Sweden’s museums as well as different museums throuought
the world.

The group 10 Swedish Designers runs their own shop at Götgatan 25 in
Stockholm where their products are sold.

Beginning of 2001 a retrospective exhibition will shown at National Museum in
Stockholm and a new book on the 30 years of 10 Swedish Designers will be published.

10 Swedish Designers was founded in 1970 by originally 10 swedish textile designers.
Today the group includes three members: Birgitta Hahn, Tom Hedkvist and
Ingela Håkansson. In Scandinavia, this design group is as much popular today as
it was back when it was first formed.

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