Samsonite by Starck
Philippe Starck has designed twelve different bags for Samsonite Europe - from a toilet
bag via a travel bag on wheels all the way to a backpack and board case. The upper
material of all the bags is vinyl-coated polyester, which makes the individual
models remarkably light. The handles are made of polyamide reinforced with glass fibre
and injected aluminium. Starck explains subtle details such as the inconspicuous way
the carrying strap is attached with his desire to elegantly conceal the technically
perfect details. "After all," says Starck, "at the end of the day everyone wants to be a bit
like Audrey Hepburn or Cary Grant." Prices range from 99 to 479 marks.

Off the Roll
"We definitely did not want to interpret the space as an architect or interior designer would," stresses Erwan Bouroullec, who together with his brother Ronan fitted out the first "A.Poc" boutique in Paris. "The circulation, the sense of space and architecture weren't important to us; the decisive question was: what will people do with these clothes?" The clothes from "A.Poc" - the code stands for "a piece of cloth" - are anything but conventional. Overlength sweaters, dresses off the roll - this is the concept of Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake. The customer cuts sleeves and skirts exactly to the length he wants. The fabric doesn't fray, is in some cases perforated and originates from a machine the likes of which were common at the beginning of the last century; Miyake hitched it up to a computer that automatically knits the elastic fabric into a tube. The Bouroullecs designed a matching playground that can be redecorated again and again: dresses fixed to the wall with magnets, stools for shoes and coloured markings for orientation.

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