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david byrne at the gallery lipanjepuntin in trieste, italy
'the wedding party' exhibition, 24 november 2000 - 31 january 2001

DAVID BYRNE is primarily known as a musician who co-founded
the group 'talking heads' (1976-88).
he has been involved in photography and design since college,
but has only recently begun to show his work and publish his
photos in books and magazines.
today he is more interested in art than in the world of music.
with the 'the wedding party' show he presents ready-made objects,
sculptures and photographs of shrines and altars and wrapped votive
objects/fetishes (beginning with voodoo). the wrappings are like
clothing, the clothing animates the silverware, the furniture ...
he then photographed them in familar contexts.
he also decided to animate the exhibition space, to make it feel more
like a wedding party than a show in a gallery: an audio tape with lots of
voices was played...
(wrapped objects in collaboration with his wife adelle lutz)
see voodoo design

a 4-handed exhibition
' + or - 4' by enzo cucchi and ettore sottsass
galleria postdesign, milan, italy
30.11.2000 - end of the year

'after last year’s debut at the memphis gallery in rome,
ettore sottsass and enzo cucchi’s collaboration continues with other 4-handed
works (a duet by two artists) on exhibit at the galleria postdesign in milan.
- among the works shown we would like to point out the large terracotta panel,
where cucchi incises a landscape with a fragmented dog figure in the center
and sottass traces an architectural form;
- two twin sculptures in clay, imaginary archaeological artifacts: a human figure
sinking into a sheet of metal. this figure, conceived of by cucchi, only has its
legs visible, as if the wavy metallic surface, designed by sottsass, had swallowed
up the rest;
- a lithograph, which uses the two artists’ characteristic symbols
(birds, skulls, furniture and objects) to express the risks and the hopes of current
a pleasant evening, lots of guests, young artists and designers, famous people
and journalists.
see the works (and people)

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david byrne

the wedding party: 'el santo'
© david byrne 1998

ettore sottsass and enzo cucchi

an 'untitled' artwork
© ettore sottsass and enzo cucchi

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